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White Knight C38AW Compact Vented Dryer

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2 Reviews
  • Nice and white
  • Simple to use
  • Bit noisy
  • 'C' grade
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    2 Reviews
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      13.10.2015 18:43
      Very helpful


      • "Dries clothes"


      • "Bit noisy"

      Dry your clothes, mate

      This is a good clothes dryer for the price - I got mine for £149.99, reduced from £179.99, so I was very happy about that. Very happy indeed. It's about the size you'd expect of a dryer - standard size, I suppose, meaning it's not too big and not too large and it fits under my kitchen units the same way my standard sized dishwasher and washing machine do - snugly, just right.

      It's pretty basic and doesn't have any fancy settings, but I don't really want any fancy settings anyway, so that's no skin off my nose. It's got 2 heat settings, low and high, which is honestly all you really need. It's got a dial to set the timer, and it dries clothes pretty fast - if I put a fullish load in it takes around an hour so. I don't know if that's quick or slow compared to other dries, but I know I've never been in such a rush to have my clothes dried that an hour seems a long time.

      It's energy rating is 'C,' which I suppose is not as good as A or B, but honestly, when I first got this dryer I thought my electric bill would go through the roof, particularly with the way my wife uses it, but it hasn't - it's increased, but not much.

      The only downside is it's a bit noisy, but if we shut the kitchen door we can hardly hear it all. If you turn the dryer on and then go into the kitchen for some peace and quiet, you'll be disappointed. But if you go into another room, it's fine.

      I like it.


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      21.10.2014 11:42
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Nice and white"
      • "Does exactly what it is supposed to do"
      • "Simple to use"


      • "'C' grade"

      A knight in white armour when it comes to getting clothes dry in the winter

      It is a big white box shaped unit that is about the standard size for a tumble dryer, being about 600mm wide by 530mm deep and 850mm high. The only things on the front are the timer, which goes up to 120 minutes, the other is the heat setting switch, high or low, gentle. There is also the door, which is a good 400mm in diameter, with the actual hole that you shove your washing through being about 250mm in diameter.
      It has a simple to use dial timer, which means you just turn the dial to the correct minute setting, up to two hours, or 120 minutes, which ever comes first, then let the machine do what it's designed to do. Around the dial there are markers for different choices, such as 'freshen up', 'polyester', 'cotton dry' and others.
      The last twenty minutes of time are what is known in the dryer world as 'cooling down time', which means that instead of hot drying air coming through the unit it's colder air so that the machine cools down faster.
      There are two heat settings, low and high. These are designed to cater for more of your laundry, the more delicates that may become damaged if heated to much in the dryer, hence the lower setting which is cooler.

      It has a reverse tumble motion which is supposed to help when it comes to ironing as well as drying the clothes a little easier as they are separated a little more in the reverse/forward changing.
      The 100mm diameter outlet pipe that the warm arm exits the dryer through is nearly two metres long, when un-flexed, shrinking to almost nothing when pushed back into the back of the unit in a sort of concertina fashion.

      It has an energy rating of 'C', which is not to bad for what I paid for this machine, although I suppose if I spent more money to get an 'A' grade then I may make my money back over time on the electricity I've saved? But I did not. I bought this grade 'C; one.
      It can be a bit on the grumbling noisy side, but no more than other dryer that I have had, and it's a little quieter on the reverse cycle, which means that you can tell the difference between the directions, if you wanted to that is.

      The price of this one is about £100 - £120, which is not bad as it does a good job in drying the clothes when it's too wet to hang them on the line.


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    • Product Details

      Dryer TypeCompact Vented DimensionsH 67 x W 50 x D 47 / Energy Rating D Power ConsumptionNoise Level Low noise level / Colour: White Performance Drying Load3 kg No / of ProgrammesNo / of Drying Temperatures2 Delay TimerNo Reverse Action YesOther Features120 minute timer Mobility wheels Final cool down tumble Softline styling Vent kit included Light and easily manoeuvrable

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