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Ideal Health Slimatee

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Slimatee is a herbal tea bag designed to aid weight loss. Whilst it is no miracle product, it has been said to help to lose an extra few lbs - although don't be surprised at a few unexpected trips to the toilet.

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    4 Reviews
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      08.10.2010 13:09



      So far so good, seems like it does exactly what it says

      I have only just started my first 10-day experience with Slimatee. I was initally looking for a tea containing Senna Leaf as I tend to be a bit 'irregular' and suffer sluggishness and tiredness which I think is a result of this. The health food shop recommended Slimatee, although I wasn't looking for a weight-loss tea as such. Well, day 3 and ...... WOW! All I can say is, read the other reviews regarding when to take the tea, etc, as it really is effective and I wasn't prepared for quite how effective! I had my first cup of tea quite late at night on the first day and was very unprepared for my trip to the loo at 10am the next day when I was at work! I have to say plan your day as you will need the loo, but it does seem to be an excellent product & I will continue with it. As regards weight loss, well I am only on day 3 but my stomach is less bloated and I am pleased so far. Taste-wise, it's fine, no better or worse than other herbal teas. So I thoroughly recommend this product BUT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and be prepared! It is a laxative!


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      19.08.2010 17:44
      Very helpful



      completely reccomended

      This review can also be found under the alias LadyStardust-X at Ciao.co.uk

      Before I review this product I want to say that I am speaking from my own experiences and what works for me may not work for you.

      Since I returned from my holidays in July ( where altogether I piled on a whopping 14lbs eek) Ive battled with trying to lose the extra weight :( Ive never been obese but i did gain a bit of a belly on my two holidays. I LOVE food and diets where you practically have to starve yourself are just a NO GO
      My friend on the other hand is the biggest diet junkie you will ever come across so when I went crying to him about my new belly he was quick to throw out options. The one that stood out to me was diet tea. *Hmmm i love herbal tea... I need to diet.. Think we're onto a winner here* He explained that when he did the diet tea diet he ate whatever he wanted and lost 4lbs but the inscructions reccomend you have a healthy diet.

      So I went to Holland and Barrett to find these babys. There are two types of tea, one for digestion and detox and the plain ones. My friend told me to get the plain ones which are in a green box and they come in boxes of 10 for around £2 and boxes of 20 for about £3. I got the box of 10 because i was a little bit skeptical and didnt want to invest in 20 if they were utter rubbish.
      The box comes with instructions that say: one cup should be made by infusing a tea bag in boiling water for 5 minutes and drank in the night. I CANT STATE ENOUGH THAT ONE CUP PER DAY AND NO MORE SHOULD BE DRANK. I will get onto why in a moment.

      Okay so i suppose your thinking how do they make you lose weight? Well basically these tea bags each contain Senna Leaf which is a natural laxative and the rest of the ingredient are pretty much to aid digestion. When you drink the tea it pushes out the fat in the food before it is absorbed by the body. Of course you have to get rid of it some how which unfortunately, is done via a trip to the toilet.
      Ive found that its best to drink the tea at around 8pm and (sorry to be disgusting) but you will go to the toilet early in the morning. I wouldnt drink it after 9pm as you may need to take a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the day which can interfeer with your life. I did get a few stomach cramps within the first 3 days of taking the tea but stuck with it and it stopped by the 4th day. Dont try and drink one than more cup a day as I can imagine you will be running back and forth to the toilet and get major cramps.
      They taste like your average herbal tea. Nothing special and a bit bland. But there not hard to drink and can be drank cold or with a bit honey to sweeten.

      I have come to the end of my 10 tea bags and ive lost 6lbs :) horray! I You can notice a big difference in my stomach its a lot flatter and I did pretty much eat what i wanted but i did eat a lot more fruit and fibre. i am going to purchace another 10 bags I would like to lose a little bit more and the instructions say you can drink the tea for up to 2 weeks in a 2 month period.
      I can happliy say losing the weight has given me the confidence to maintain my weight loss on my own by going to the gym and eating a lot better than I did.
      They have also made me feel a lot less slugish and I would reccomend them to anyone who needs a kick start to their diet. Its defenity not a long time thing but does help.

      Now the boring bit- taken from the box

      Ingredients: Frangula Bark, Senna Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, Hibiscus Flower, Black Tea, Goldenrod herb, Mate tee
      Energy value less than 50KJ per 100ml of tea made up as directed. This product can be taken as an aid to slimming or weight control, as part of a controlled diet. Intake of fresh fruits should be increased

      Not to be taken if:
      You are pregnant
      under 16s
      those suffering from intestinal problems ..


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      11.05.2007 12:48



      Fabulous product. Not only delicious but I really do have a much flatter stomach and I've just finished the 10th teabag. Not sure how exactly it works - and don't really care that much (!) because it does exactly what it says on the box and its a totally natural vegetarian, vegan product.


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      07.04.2007 10:07
      Very helpful



      a natural herbal slimming aid in the form of Herbal Tea

      I would like to like to begin by stating that I am not someone who is obsessed by diets, my weight (having never been on a diet) or celebrities bodies. I would consider myself to be a healthy (ish) person who has the odd treat and on occassions needs to tone up a little.

      So, how did I come across Slimatee? I work with a guy who is a bit of a health freak and who in his spare time is a drag artist. He uses Slimatee before a show to banish those few extra pounds to ensure that he fits into the his tightest of lycra dresses!! He recommended Slimatee to me so thought I would give it a try as I was a Bridesmaid to my now Sister-in-Law. In terms of dresses, Satin can be very unforgiving, so I needed to lose a few pounds to be comfortable in the dress.

      So what is Slimatee? Slimatee is made by a company called 'Ideal Health' and is a natural herbal aid. Slimatee are herbal tea bags containing the main ingredients of Frangula and Senna - yes folks it is a mild laxative in a tea bag!! It is a range of Kuritees that have been developed over many years of experience and represent the ultimate in quality teas. The filter bags are made from unbleached paper pulp and are therefore light brown in colour.

      Slimatee has an enegy value less than 50Kj per 100ml of tea made up as directed and can only help slimming or weight control, as part of a controlled diet. Also, intake of fresh fruits should be increased in any such diet.

      Slimatee is packaged in a green cardboard box and is available in packs of 10 or 20 tea bags. These can be bought from www.goodnessdirect.co.uk and a box of 20 will cost £2.47. You are also able to buy Slimatee from Holland and Barrett, however they don't advertise this product on their website, so can only get this in-store.

      One teabag is sufficient for one cup and Slimatee is prepared by pouring a cup of boiling water over the teabag and allowing to infuse for 5 minutes. Personally, I am not fussed on drinking this hot, so I tend to let it cool for 10-15 minutes and drink it is one go, as like other herbal teas - they never seem to taste as good as they smell!!

      So, lets get down to what it does. Basically, Slimatee is a herbal laxative, yet mild enough to be used for a two week period. From experience you need to think about your plans for the day before rushing to the shops to buy it and putting the kettle on!! It is recommended that one cupful to be taken at night for up to 2 weeks in any two month period. The reason for this is that due to the fact that you do really lose weight and also it's not healthy to be permanently stuck to your toilet seat.

      As recommeded you should drink one cup at night. It takes a good nine hours or so to start working (however this may differ from person to person). I find that it suits me to have a cup around 6 pm, but never later than 9 pm. The reason for this - I made the mistake of drinking the tea after 9 pm. I woke up the next morning around 7am and whilst having my breakfast was thinking that this tea hadn't had an effect on me. I left for work at 8am and half way through my journey my stomach started rumbling and had to make a detour to the nearest toilet! Only once did I make this mistake - you need to give yourself plenty of time to use the bathroom after drinking Slimatee. Whatever you do, do not attempt to drink 2 cups in one day as you will regret it and could have stomach cramps.

      Apart from the obvious that you will need to go to the bathroom, I have not experienced any side effects with Slimatee. Also when you have finished taking the tea for 2 weeks you don't suffer from constipation as you wait for your bowels to return to normal.

      A few cautions to be aware of - this product should not be taken:
      during pregnancy
      by persons under 16 years old
      by those suffering from intestinal problems
      Slimatee also needs to be stored in a cool dry place.

      Now we all know that to lose wight you need to eat a healthy balanced diet, drink 2 lts of water a day and excercise. The adavantage of Slimatee is that it is a great herbal aid to kick start a healthy regime, so if you have a holiday, party, special event coming up and want to banish some pounds - give it a try. It is recommeded that you take it a few days before an event as you wouldn't want to be running back and for the the toilet.

      I would recommend this product to anyone as a short term measure for those who need a helping hand to start a healthy lifestyle and want a flatter stomach.

      Slimatee ingredients - each tea bag contains:
      Fangula Bark, Senna Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, Hibiscus flowers, Blacktea, Goldenrod Herb and Mate Tee.

      Other products in the range include:
      Specialitee Herbal Tea - to detoxify the system and Laksetee - a natural aid (mild laxative) containing Senna and Fennel. All products are caffeine free and suitable for vegans.

      Slimatee and Kuritee are registered Trade Marks of Ideal Health, Berkhamsted, Herts, UK, HP4 2QF.

      Thanks for reading xx


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    • Product Details

      Frangula and senna tea for slimmers. Ingredients: Frangula bark, senna leaf, peppermint leaf, hibiscus flowers, black tea, goldenrod herb, mate tea.

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