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JML V0811 Halogen Oven

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18 Reviews

The JVC V0811 is a table top halogen oven that can be used to cook a range of different dishes. It is very economical to use, and cooks food evenly and quicker than a conventional oven.

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    18 Reviews
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      13.07.2015 22:51
      Very helpful


      • "less burnt offerings for family"
      • "cooks quickly"


      • "lid awkward to clean"

      It looks like an alien ship has landed in my kitchen.

      Well I bought this in a black Friday sale and thought it would end up on ebay after a few days, how wrong was I? This cooker is brilliant, I cannot imagine life without my JML Halogen cooker.
      It cooks quickly and with ease, pizzas are light and crispy, cooked to perfection instead of my usual burnt Frisbee offerings!
      The whole family use it and find it really convenient we can cook microwave dishes and foil dishes, less to clean up and convenient.
      The cooker is self cleaning and the only bad point is the lid..as you cannot detatch from the heating component you can only wash with a cloth, after a lot of misuse this is not ideal as it could do with a good soaking.
      BUT that is the only downfall, we have not used our main oven since we purchased this and its full test will be Christmas when we try the baking to full.
      We ordered the extras as a sale and this included the chip cooker and an extra extension. We did purchase a few flan tins to use within the cooker. bacon is cooked to a crisp or slightly whatever is suited to each family member.
      A full chicken is cooked succulent and roast beef falls off and can be cut with a spoon. When in use the light emitted is enough to light up all my kitchen!
      For some reasons vegetable take a lot longer to cook and we tend to steam them for quickness, but each to their own.


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      12.10.2011 14:00
      Very helpful



      Perfect as a substitute oven

      My oven decided to break down on me a few months ago and I was not in a position to buy a new one at the time and did not know what to do. Someone suggested one of these halogen ovens and to be honest I had never even heard of them before. However, I found I was able to get one from E-bay for £25 so after reading up about them on-line I thought why not.

      The first thing I made in it when it came was a cake (from the recipe book that came with it) and it was excellent!! I then cooked a chicken and a joint of pork - both were fantastic! You can cook absolutely anything in it - toast, pizza, chips, cakes and even frozen meals.

      It is very big and you would need to have room in your kitchen to store it, as it would probably take up a whole kitchen cupboard. It is easy to clean as it has its own self-cleaning setting. So overall it was a good buy. There are quite a few halogen oven cookbooks available out there as well if you need some inspiration.

      I don't know if I will continue to use this oven when I have replaced my full size oven but in the mean time it is an excellent substitute. So for someone who cannot afford an oven or maybe someone living in a bedsit or student accomodation it would be absolutely perfect.


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        21.09.2011 20:23
        Very helpful



        This is excellent for single people/small families. Cooks food quickly and economically

        When my mother's built in oven broke down she bought herself a JML Halogen oven. My mother was always telling me how good her Halogen Oven was, how it was cheap to run and you didn't need to use a full size oven to cook. Eventually, my mother decided she would buy one for me, I have to admit I was sceptical about all the claims but I was happy to give it a go. I'm definitely a convert, I now never use my full size oven, I use it to store my pots and pans!

        It cooks everything (no, really) and it's only limited by your imagination. You can cook a roast dinner, pizza, cheese on toast, baked potatoes, stews, casseroles, I use mine a lot to cook frozen meals from the freezer without defrosting beforehand, but it does have a defrost function if you need it. You can even cook eggs and bacon at the same time. When I do toast I whack the temperature dial up to 250 and cook the toast on one side then turn over and add cheese and sliced tomatoes - divine comfort food to me.

        The halogen oven works with a fan to ensure even cooking, the lid is really heavy as it holds the cooking elements and the oven turns off automatically when the lid is lifted. The good thing is you can see your food cooking as the bowl it comes in is clear. I never cook straight into the bowl so I haven't used the self clean function, it's pretty heavy to pick up so I prefer using the right sized dish. Your dishes need to be circular, unless they are small. You can cook on two layers but I have not found this works, the lowest layer takes a lot longer to cook. Use the high layer for toast or baked potatoes.

        Mine is 11 litre capacity and has a cooking range from 100 - 250 C. It comes with tongs (which I've never found a use for) a high and low rack, circular baking tray and steam tray. One big disadvantage is that it didn't come with a recipe book so that you don't realise how versatile it is. I had a look online for recipe books and have bought two.

        The oven can only cook up to 60 minutes at a time, so if you are cooking a dish for a longer time (such as a roast chicken) you will have to make sure you are there to reset it when it stops, I use a separate timer so that I know when the oven has finished , the "ping" isn't very loud and you can forget to reset the oven to continue cooking, so no going out when you are cooking a dish that takes longer than 60 mins!

        It's definitely something I would recommend to people, it's not cheap, and can cost anything from £30 to over £100, but I think it's so much better and cheaper to run that a normal oven. All in all, a favourite of mine.


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          20.09.2011 22:14
          Very helpful



          Not an alternative to a regular oven, more a spare or additional unit.

          When I moved into my house around 8 months ago, one of the things I received as a gift from a family member was a halogen oven so as to save some money as there is only myself and my son when using the oven it can sometimes be a waste for the amount I'm cooking.

          *~* Price And Availability *~*

          I have seen these in Instore or Poundstretcher (it seems to be forever switching between the 2) for £30 for a smaller size and up to £70 for a larger size. I am also aware that these are available from some shopping channels but personally I haven't came across them, as I say this was a gift so I am unsure of the cost or where it came from.

          *~* The Oven Specifications *~*

          Self cleaning
          Dishwasher safe
          32cm Deep
          32cm High
          36cm Wide
          Weight: 6.76KG
          Capacity: 10 Litres
          Non Slip Feet
          Power: 1.3 KW
          Temperature: 0-250 Degrees

          *~* Using The Oven *~*

          Using the oven is very simple, you basically place the food either on the bottom of the glass bowl or within a round roasting tin. It comes with a metal rack that you can place within the oven to have a second level however the problem with this is that the food is very close to the cooking element meaning that the food tends to get overcooked very quickly or the outside very well done whilst the inside of food could be doing with longer.

          There are 2 knobs on the top of the lid, the one of the left controls the time anywhere from 0-60 minutes. I find this is fine for cooking small items but when you are cooking a roast with a full chicken for example 60 minutes is not enough, it isn't a problem to just turn the knob again but it would be a nice feature not to have to especially for the price. The right knob controls the temperature, there is a thaw and self cleaning option but turning higher gives you the option to choose the heat.

          *~* My Experience and Opinion *~*

          At first I was dubious about this simply because this was given to me to replace my conventional oven and although this is a decent size it is no-where near suitable for replacing using a normal oven full time especially if you do baking or a lot of cooking. The glass bowl is a great feature as it means you can see the food cooking and determine if it is overcooking. It is easy to use although if you overestimate the time of cooking then you have to let the timer continue running as it can break by moving it anti clockwise.

          I found that none of my roasting trays worked and that I had to use a flan dish, I also found it difficult to add rectangular dishes for lasagne etc so it limited my ability to use certain dishes I already had.

          The self clean funtion was useless, it didn't clean the bowl farless remove tougher items. I washed mine by hand and found it incredibly difficult to remove all marks and keep it as it arrived.

          The handle that acts as a switch I found wasn't all that great, it became hot and therefore oven gloves had to be used, I also felt that it was a little flimsy for holding something as heavy as the lid.

          You would be led to believe that this is small and portable when in fact the opposite was truer. It takes up a lot of room and would quite easily take up a full cupboard to itself, I don't have a spare cupboard and therefore I have to leave it sat on the side which I don't particularly like. Along with this comes the fact that the plug and lead are not at all long, in fact the opposite I found it was a little too small especially when you have to remove a steaming hot lid to access the food inside etc.

          The plastic stand although functional doesn't do as good a job as I feel it could be sturdier for what it is supposed to do.

          I do like the fact that this cooks apparently "40% faster than a convential oven"it definately does cook much quicker than other ovens however not so much so that I would rather use one of these instead of my regular oven.

          A further thing about this product I am pleased with is being smaller it uses much less electricity and is therefore more environmentally friendly and cost saving.

          Unfortunately I dropped this oven onto the unit from a very low height might I add and now the heating element is ruined, it doesn't heat up and therefore is useless for me. This obviously shows that A) this is not suitable for people to be moving around, unless you are keeping it stationary and have the room to do so this is not for you. B) Even the slightest bump is going to ruin it rendering your £60 flushed down the toilet.

          *~* Overall *~*

          Overall I am extremely disappointed in this oven. Although it works well at what it does the flaws I have encountered have meant I would much rather use my regular oven instead of this. As an alternative or a spare this would be ideal, as well as being useful for a single person keeping it stationery. I would not recommend moving this around due to the fact if it drops it's going to be ruined.

          The only advantages I have for this is that it cooks quickly (although not evenly) and uses less electricity.

          There are however plenty disadvantages, first off the astronomical price tag, at £70 I feel this is daylight robbery for this particular oven and I would never pay that sort of money for it. The sturdiness and durability of the product is rubbish, the safety is quite frankly ridiculous especially if you have small children around. It's heavy and takes up a lot of room but cannot be used on 2 levels as the food is overcooked far too quickly, being round it fits no regular baking trays in and therefore you have to use the base which I'm not keen on for everything, due to this it needs cleaned after each use which does not mean it will always be clean but more that it'll be another chore to do. The handle feels flimsy and the slightest knock means this will be rendered useless. Along with this the cable is far to short and would be a lot safer and user friendly if it was longer.

          Overall I am not pleased with this product and would not recommend it. I will award it 1 star purely for the cooking time and electricity use.


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            12.05.2011 19:38
            Very helpful



            a great addition

            All that could be heard from the kitchen were some very strange grunting and puffing noises followed by things that would turn the air blue........

            As I am a watcher of the shopping channels I had seen this oven and thought it looked great and as I knew I was cooking Christmas dinner for family at mine I decided to give it ago anything that makes me spend less time in the kitchen is a bonus.
            I bought the oven from JML for around £70- this included the actual oven, extension ring, lid stand, recipe book, halo pan and skewers.

            ***The Oven***
            The main 'oven consists of a large (32 x 36 cm) glass bowl with a white base which doubles as handles and is non slip, the lid which contains the control panel and the high and low racks on which you place the food. The lid has a pull up handle which also acts as the on/off switch because when you push the handle down it turns the oven on and vice versa, the temp gauge is also here ranging from defrost to 250 degrees over 6 settings. The halogen light is also enclosed in the lid. The oven also has a 'self clean' function where you put water and washing liquid and turn on, but alas I found this didn't work very effectively as the water doesn't really get off the harden or burnt on food but it isn't really a problem to me as I put mine in the dishwasher. My only issue is that the lead from the lid is quite short and with the lid being so large and heavy it can be quite cumbersome.

            ***Extension Ring***
            The is a simple metal ring which fits on the top on the glass bowl to enlarge the cooking space. It does though only enlarge it by 80mm which I have found personally that it hasn't really been used as the oven is big enough and when I have mine didn't fit very snugly together.

            ***Lid Stand***
            Pretty much what it says on the tin. I do find though that it tends to slip and slide around.

            ***Recipe Book***
            Contains recipes designed for the halogen oven includes starters, sides, mains and desserts.

            ***Halo Pan***
            This is designed as a frying pan for the oven. It is made of metal and is designed to be heated up in the oven and then kebabs, bacon etc put on it. It does get very hot and I have caught myself on a few occasions, but I find that it cooks bacon perfectly.

            Consists of 4 metal skewers, perfect foe kebabs etc you just place them on the halo pan. I tend to use mine for the barbeque though.

            JML market the oven as.....
            'Taking the stress out of your kitchen, the original and best Halogen Oven means delicious, even cooking every time, delivering that great oven-baked taste with the convenience of a microwave. Giving extra oven space and mouth-watering results, our energy efficient, portable oven will cook, bake and grill almost any food to absolute perfection. It also allows fat to drain for healthier meals. And best of all, the unique self cleaning function means no washing up!' It also claims to cook up to 40% quicker than an average oven.

            Sounds like my prayers were answered! I got it home and decided to cook the evening meal (beef stew)in it to try it out. It was very simple to set up and all I done was made the stew and put the lid on turned the dial and we were away. It cooked quite quickly in around 45 mins and it smelt beautiful. So after serving and then sitting down to eat it we found that the food had taken on a strange taste, it seemed quite a plastic sort of tone there, this did put me off slightly as I had washed the oven before use but thought it was just a one off.

            I have since used it A LOT and I must admit that once you get the hang of it it is amazing, I find it cooks meat in particular very well I love the beef joints they DO seem to be very well cooked but still quite juicy. If you have seen the adverts you will know that you can cook anything in it I personally haven't tried baking in it but while I was in hospital my Nan who was looking after my children made a cake and said it was very easy to do and the cake came out great.

            Now that ive been using it for nearly six months ive decided that I couldn't be without it as while I still cook the potatoes and veg etc in my normal cooker I =always use this for my meat, using the low rack as well as the fat and water etc run off the meat and can be used for the gravy later on without any horrible bits off the pans.

            I am giving this 5 stars as it cooks well and quick and has made my job of household cook easier, I do find that it does cook meat better than veg but overall has been a good addition to the kitchen.


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              25.02.2011 18:09



              Makes cooking easier and faster

              I purchased my halogen oven several months ago after my Actifry broke beyond affordable repair and I have not been disappointed!

              It is surprisingly large and can fit a lot inside it at once - a whole chicken, for example, which was cooked to perfection in half the time it would have taken in an oven. Pizza is also much nicer when cooked in the halogen oven. As well as delicious food, it is easy to use - there are two very simple knobs that you turn to your selection of temperature and time and the halogen oven does the rest of the work itself.

              The only disadvantage I've found is that the racks included cannot be used when cooking smaller items of food such as chips or vegetables, so it would be a good idea to purchase some extra racks or trays that will not allow the food to fall through. On the other hand, I've found that the tongs included are particularly useful as the halogen oven is quite deep and it would be easy to burn yourself (which I'm prone to do!) whilst trying to get the racks out.

              Overall I believe the halogen oven is a safe, fast and delicious way to cook your food and I have recommended it to family and friends.


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              19.01.2011 00:37
              Very helpful



              brilliant gadget

              My 2011 new years resolution was to lose weight, so to do that i knew i needed to invest in some appliances that would help me produce meals in a much healthier way. After a bit of research i decided to purchase this oven. It came in a big box and was easy to assemble, it also came with easy to read instructions which included many recipes and various cooking racks and tongs.

              Eager to get started i cooked a chicken in it, it took half the time and the chicken still contained all its juices and most importantly it tasted fantastic. So after i cooked the chicken i decided to try making fat free roast potatos in it. I didnt parboil them, just pealed, washed and diced them and chucked them in with a bit of garlic and sprayed on some frylite. 40 minutes later the result was the most lovely, tasty roast potatos. Fluffy inside, crispy on the outside and no oil used at all!

              I pressume its the fan inside circulating the air so evenly that the food cooks perfectly. In my normal conventional oven i have to have a big tray containing oil and its the hot oil that cooks the food not the hot air.

              Im not finished yet, it gets even better! To wash up, you fill it up with a little soapy water- put it on the wash setting and it self cleans itself. YES, you read right- self cleans! Alls i had to do was quickly rinse after and job done.


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                07.01.2011 20:25



                A wonderful gadget that does exactly what it says on the box

                The Halogen Oven - halcyon days (cheaper bills, healthier food!! - allegedly)

                I do love new gadgets and gizmoe's but I like to let other folk try them out first, I then tend to see what they have to say about certain products. I also scour websites to see what companies say about their products before I make what I consider to be an informed decision.

                One of the best gizmoe's I have ever purchased was a JML Halogen Oven. As my headline states - its like a UFO has landed on my worktop.

                I purchased my halogen oven from TJ Hughes in Oldham about 6 months ago now, and all I can say is go and get yourself one! Mine was reduced to £ 49.00 from £69.00, they come in 2 sizes and I bought the bigger size, purely at the time the price comparrison was better. It was only a fiver more expensive than the smaller Oven and I reasoned that I would be able to cook more food in and then freeze stuff for use later as I used to do in my standard kitchen oven.

                Although it is quite a cumbersome item - it is manufactured well. All the ovens a basically the same design and consists of the following:- you have a double handled base unit that the glass bowl sits on, 2 trivets (tall / short) trivet tongs, an extender ring (this sits on the top of the glass bowl to enable the lid to sit raised up from the food if you're cooking something like a whole chicken - this stops the halogen lamp from burning the top of the food).

                The halogen lamp is housed in the lid and is incorporated with a fan. There is also a lid stand that can be used to hole the lid when you are turning food or checking to see if it is cooked thoroughly.

                There is a timer which goes up to one hours' cooking duration, and the heat switch that goes from 0 degrees Celcius, to a thaw/wash programme, upto 250 degrees Celcius.

                There are lots of recipes on the internet to use in the Oven, I've mastered chicken, fishfingers, sausages, chops etc I've even baked pies and a Banana and Walnut loaf. However, I have yet to learn the aqrt of cooking a roast beef joint in it yet.

                The benefits of having the Halogen Oven are quite substantial in many ways: as it produces instant heat with the in-built fan to circulate the heated air, you don't have to pre-heat the oven and wait for the temperature to reach the setting (like your standard kitchen oven) the Lamp lights periodically up to maintain the temperature you set.
                So it is usual to observe the lamp coming on and going off.

                As Halogen heat is a lot cheaper to use - you don't use half as much electricity as a standard oven either.

                One of the best things I do like about the halogen oven - is the wash mode. Sad I know, but it is infinitely better than watching paint dry.

                I would recommend a halogen oven to any one who asked my advice.


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                  09.06.2010 15:06
                  Very helpful



                  A Great Way To Cook. Saves You Time And Money.

                  I have bought quite a few products from JML and after my oven broke I decided to try the halogen oven that I had seen while looking at the shopping channels on TV. I had seen it quite a few times and really fancied trying it but I did not want to pay out the £60 but then my oven went to the scrap pile in the sky and I ordered the Halogen oven.

                  =======What Is It=======

                  The halogen oven is round in shape with a glass bowl which stands on a white stand and the lid lifts off completely.

                  The halogen oven cooks using infrared waves from the halogen bulb that is inside the lid. It states that it cooks 40% faster than a conventional oven, preheats food. Roasts, bakes, defrosts and grills.

                  It also states that it is energy efficient, easy to use and has a self cleaning function (No really!)

                  The lid houses the halogen bulb and this is where your function dials are.

                  ======What Comes With It======

                  The standard oven has recently been reduced from £59 to £49 plus £4.95 postage and packaging if purchasing from JML Direct.

                  You get the oven bowl, the plastic base which has two handles to carry it. Two racks are including, a low one and a high cooking rack which allows you to cook more than one item.

                  The glass lid which has two dials, one for the temperature ranging from Thaw/Wash to 250c. The other dial has the timer from 0 to 60 minutes.

                  There is also a deluxe packaging again reduced from £72.98 to £62.98 which includes all the above and also a lid stand which is a must and I will explain later why.
                  A cook book and an extension ring, this is a steel ring that fits onto the glass bowl and gives the oven an extra 20% capacity.

                  Both sets comes with tongs to lift out the cooking racks.

                  ======How To Use It=======

                  It really could not be easier. Place your food on the cooking rack and put the lid back on, select the temperature by twisting the dial and select the time.

                  Once you put the temperature on the oven is ready to go, it does not need to be preheated at all.
                  There is a green power light under the temperature dial and an another light for the heat.
                  You notice while its cooking that the warm orange light from the oven goes on and off, at first I thought that this was a fault until I realised that it is just the oven keeping the oven at a consistent temperature.

                  There is a handle on the top of the oven and this needs to be flat for the oven to go on, it acts as a safety switch and as soon as it's lifted the oven turns off.

                  ======How Did It Cook My Food======

                  I have now cooked in my halogen oven for well over a year and have cooked everything from jacket spuds to a full Christmas dinner.
                  All the food comes out beautifully cooked and more importantly it cooks very evenly and I always find that meat is always moist and tender and I usually manage to over cook my meat !.
                  I also find that it's great cooking with the kids as mine love to make cakes and they can see through the bowl and see whats happening without opening the oven and losing heat.

                  I use it to grill food a lot as I am quite partial to a cooked breakfast and this means it is a slightly healthy way of cooking it.

                  Its great for defrosting as it defrosts evenly and you do not get those half cooked bits with the other bits still raw.

                  The self cleaning does work well, just squirt some washing up liquid , fill a quarter of the bowl with water and set the temperature to wash for 5 minutes. You can also put it in the dishwasher which is great.

                  ======Any Negatives======

                  I love to cook with my halogen oven and often sing it's praises but there are one or two downsides to it.

                  The oven gets incredible hot and sometimes the tongs are not strong enough to lift out a heavy bowl or dish and you may need to lift it out with your hands and I have caught my hand on the rim of the glass bowl a few times.

                  Due to the shape of the oven being round I found that a lot of my trays did not fit, such as my Yorkshire pudding tray and I end up having to make one huge one!. I have looked and been unable to find a round one although I have heard that JML are bringing out a round set of trays.

                  The lids removes completely which means you need to put the lid somewhere when you are taking food out and the lid is incredible hot, the more expensive package includes a lid stand which means you are not going to ruin or scorch your work benches.

                  I took the 2 year extended warranty with my oven for £9.95 for 2 years and this means that if the oven break down I will get a replacement it also covers the bulb and I had claimed on my warranty for a bulb and they just replaced the whole oven so I would highly recommend it.

                  You can buy the replacement bulbs for £6.99 including postage but it needs to be fitted by an electrician as its connected to the element..

                  You can purchase replacement glass bowls for £9.99 including the P&P from JML Direct over the phone or on the website at www.jmldirect.com

                  The lid stand is £4.99 plus £2.95 P&P


                  I think that this is a great oven and I use this oven a lot more than my conventional oven as it is so much quicker, easier and cost effective.

                  I cook for five and would highly recommend the deluxe offer as this includes the cook book, the extension ring and the lid stand. As I said you can buy the extra individually but it is more economical to buy it all together.

                  I find that it's great for making lots of meals when everyone in the house wants something different as it's much quicker and does not mean that I am standing over my oven all night.

                  ======Additional Information======

                  The capacity of the oven without the extension ring is 10 litres.

                  1300 Mains power

                  Dimensions 36.3 x 36.3 x 23.3 cm


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                    13.05.2010 08:11
                    Very helpful



                    Good price for cooking a lot quicker.

                    I love cooking and at the weekend I tend to do most of it as my wife does most of it during the week and I like to do my fair share around the home.

                    I saw this oven on a shopping channel and thought I would buy it and see if I liked it as it seemed too unbelievable for what it actually can do.

                    It is glass bowl with a pull off lid that has a halogen light built inside and when the lid is placed down onto the glass bowl and the handle is snapped down, it switches the machine on and an fan circulates the heat in the bowl and so cooks the food faster and more evenly.

                    It comes with 2 racks, one for high cooking and one for low, it cooks, boils, defrosts, bakes, grills, but more or less almost the same as a conventional oven can do but the beauty is this machine sits on a worktop and saves you bending down to the oven.

                    A whole chicken can fit in the bowl and be cooked in approximately 10 minutes per pound of weight and also it does not just cook the chicken, it also crisps the skin as in a normal oven and you do not even need to baste it, as the machine does it while it cooks. It also defrosts food more thoroughly and evenly, not like a microwave where it tends to half cook it first.

                    It appears to be unreal when you see the demonstrations for this oven but it truly does work as it says on the instructions.

                    When the food has been cooked, it can easily be cleaned by placing some water in the bowl with a splash of washing up liquid inside, pop the lid back on and switch on for a few minutes and the bowl is cleaned and you can see the water swirling around inside cleaning as it goes. It can then just be rinsed under the tap and it is nice and clean.

                    On the lid it has 2 controllers, one is a timer and the other one is the heat settings going up to 250 degrees centigrade, which is a nice high setting.

                    The handle is also a safety device as when it is lifted, the machine will immediately switch itself off.

                    I think it is a fantastic oven and worth every penny and for the price of just £72 from www.jmldirect.com and there are also lots of different varieties of this machine and can be found from Argos for a cheaper price than I paid and various stores that sell saucepans etc.

                    A cake can also be baked in this oven, but when I first tried it, I had the setting on 200 degrees for 40 minutes but the top was a little burned but the inside was perfect and so the next time I baked one, I set it a little lower and left for 10 minutes longer and it was fine.

                    I highly recommend this product for you to try and it also is much cheaper than a conventional electric oven to run as is uses a third less electricity to cook your food.

                    I rate it 5 stars.


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                      15.04.2010 22:08
                      Very helpful



                      good all round machine

                      bought this from MAKRO , hence the lower price and must admit I was very skeptical on how good it could be , Ive only used it once so can only comment upon my use of that which involved cooking a joint of gammon and vegetables , so will not comment on how good it is for baking.

                      It comes with the minimal of packaging which is good , you take out the lid the glass bowl and the plastic stand put the lid on set your cooking temperature which comes in centigrade and Fahrenheit then set the time and away you go
                      the instruction booklet provides some recipe ideas at the back and is full of instructions on how to use it

                      I would comment that i felt the cooking guidelines for time were a bit out , I cooked a 1.5 piece of rolled Gammon with potatoes and vegetables in 80 mins which is certainly quicker than a conventual oven
                      there is a safety device fitted to the machine which means that if the handle at the top is lifted the cooking process stops , however the glass bowl does get very hot as you can imagine and so should be kept out the way of prying fingers

                      I cooked without the two supplied metal rings and so cant really comment on the use of those i found potatoes , meat , and veg cooked adequately without them
                      the temperature control once set turns the heat on and off as the machine feels fit , the advantage of the glass bowl is that you can see your food cooking
                      The glass bowl is dishwasher safe , but the instruction book tells you not to put the plastic stand in , and obviously the part with the heating element cannot as its electric , however the machine has a self clean facility , I must admit again I was a bit unsure of this , as the instruction book tells you to put a spot of washing uo liquid in the bowl with some water , set it to clean and it will

                      I did this and set it for 20 mins again you can watch it clean its self as the water swirls about and was actually fascinating to watch , I dont know how long it would take to clean burnt on food
                      Having used this device once now Im converted and would recommend it to others


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                        06.01.2010 21:18
                        Very helpful



                        Great for couples, singles or as an extra addiditon to the kitchen!

                        I am now on my second Halogen Oven. I bought one 2 years ago and the Halogen bulb went and JML sent out not only a new bulb but a new entire unit under their guarantee. I have had no problems with the new one at all. It makes cooking so much simpler, forget waiting for your oven to heat up before you can make pizza, and forget waiting the half hour it says on the pizza box, When you use the JML oven you cut off around a third of the overall cooking time. It comes with a low rack and a high rack, you can cook a roast chicken in it, you can do your breakfast bacon in it within 5 minutes, great for people that are very busy, it has a self cleaning function and the base is dishwasher safe. Its a product i'm very glad i own and I dont think I could do without!


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                        17.07.2009 15:09
                        Very helpful



                        Quick and tasty food, but needs a better instruction book

                        BACKGROUND INFORMATION

                        My mum bought the JML Halogen Oven after our main oven decided to give up the ghost. We'd seen infomercials about the Halogen Oven and it was something we were thinking of getting at some point. I liked the idea of having a counter top oven, and something that would cook food quickly but retained flavour. We did look at a similar product, but it was out of our price range.

                        HOW MY MUM BOUGHT THE PRODUCT

                        My mum bought her Halogen Oven over the phone using JML's orderline, but you can also order it online from the website at www.jmldirect.com, and by Mail Order.

                        The Halogen Oven cost £59.99 and the delivery charge was £4.95. My mum ordered the oven on a Tuesday evening, and the oven was delivered on the Friday.

                        WHO IS JML?

                        JML (or John Mills Ltd) has been trading for around 40 years. The company operates a raft of shopping channels including JML Cookshop, Shop Now and JML. It offers a variety of household goods including the Power Blitzer and the Ped Egg to give a couple of examples. You can also buy some JML branded goods from shops such as Wilkinson and ASDA, having said that I haven't seen the Halogen Oven on sale in a retail outlet, so I think you can only buy this product directly from JML.

                        HALOGEN OVEN, WHAT IS IT?

                        It's a counter top oven which uses a 1300 watt halogen light bulb (conduction) and a fan (convection) to cook your food. JML claims that this combination means that your food will cook 40% quicker than a conventional oven.

                        ~What you get~

                        The oven comes in three parts, you get a plastic base, a 12 litre glass bowl and the lid which contains the halogen bulb, the timer and the temperature dial. The lid is quite sturdy and not overly heavy to lift, the power supply is also integrated into the lid.

                        In addition you also get two racks to place your food on. The lower rack is for roasting and baking, and the higher rack is for grilling. You can use the racks singly or together to cook food on two levels. You'll also recieve the instruction book, a pair of tongs for lifting out your food and the racks.

                        UNPACKING AND SETTING IT UP

                        The Halogen Oven comes in a box (obviously!) and upon opening the said box the oven is well packed in polistyrine. The lid is on the top (upside down) which has the power lead attached. After lifting off the layer of polistyrine, you'll find the bowl and the holder,. There's a plastic bag inside the bowl which contains the instruction book, tongs and the cooking racks.

                        The oven is a doddle to set up. You just find a space on your work top to place your oven following the obvious safety instructions, such as allowing enough ventilation and keeping it out of reach of children and so on.

                        You also need to take into consideration that this oven doesn't come with a stand for the lid to go in when you've finished cooking, which is a bit of a nuisance sometimes especially if you have a small worktop, for example in a caravan. I feel a lid stand (or an integrated lid) would be a substantial improvement to this product.

                        You'll also need to wash the bowl, and the racks etc and you're ready to go. You just plug in your oven and you're ready to start cooking. You'll find two dials on top of the lid, the dial on the left hand side is your 60 minute timer, and on the right is to set the temperature. The temperature starts at 125 degrees and goes upto 250 degrees Celcius (the temperature gauge also gives the Farenheit equivelent as well), , the first option on the dial is the wash and defrost function.

                        COOKING WITH THE HALOGEN OVEN

                        ~The instruction book~

                        The instruction book is not as good as it could be. It gives a brief list of cooking times and temperatures, but it could provide far more detail. It definitely needs a more extensive cooking chart, plus details of the best rack to use to get the best results. Sadly it also doesn't explain how to calculate cooking times or adapting conventional recipes for use in the oven, so it is a bit hit and miss. I also think another useful addition would be a recipe book. Fortunately, as it is a glass bowl I can keep an eye on the food to make sure it is not over cooking (making sure that I don't stare at the Halogen lamp). I am a competent cook, but not 'Masterchef' standards by any stretch of the imagination!

                        There isn't any information on how to use the defrost function, so that is trial and error. I feel a list of defrost times would be essential as it is vitally important to ensure that food is defrosted thoroughly prior to cooking it. Personally, I will continue to defrost food the old fashioned way.

                        With electronic devices, the instructions normally tell you to preheat the device to burn off certain manufacturing materials and sterilise the bowl. This isn't mentioned in the book, I placed the racks inside the bowl and set the temperature to 200 degrees and heated the oven for 15 minutes before cooking my first meal, well oven chips.

                        On the plus side there is a free phone number that you can contact JML customer services if you have any questions. My mum phoned up to ask about adapting recipes and as I understand it you only reduce the cooking time by 40% but I feel it should be in the book. I'm also informed that there is a cookbook available for £4.99 plus delivery , as a separate purchase now, but I do think it should be included with the oven.

                        ~Cooking your food~

                        You simply chose the rack you want to use (or both of them) and place your food inside. You set the temperature and the time using the dials and then to activate the oven you you press the handle down until it clicks to activate the oven. If you want to stop cooking, say to add food later on you just lift up the lid.

                        You should note though that you can't move the timer backwards. If you set the timer for too long then you have to let it count down naturally. Some foods take longer than 60 minutes such as baked potatoes. Baked potatoes take around 75 minutes, so I allow the timer to count down fifteen minutes and then move the dial to get the additional time it needs. When your food is cooked it gives out a loud 'ping' like an old manual microwave does.

                        The timer is adequate, but I would have preferred a digital timer which would make it easier to enter longer cooking times. It is a minor complaint.

                        In using the oven there are a couple of things to watch when arranging food in the oven. One of the selling points of this oven is that it drains the fat out of your food so it is a healthier way of cooking. If you are cooking a meal such as sausage and chips it is best to put the sausages on the lower rack and the chips on the top to prevent the fat from the sausages dripping into your chips. I found the gaps on the rack are too wide for certain foods such as chips so they need to be placed in a dish, or small pan so they don't fall to the bottom of the oven. If using a dish on the top rack, it's a good idea to choose one that doesn't take up all the surface area of the oven's bowl, so it enables enough air to penetrate to the bottom of the oven, especially if you are using both racks, I have also found that I've needed to add extra cooking time to ensure food on the lower levels are cooked properly when I do this.

                        ~To preheat or not to preheat~

                        With most foods you don't need to pre-heat it, but I find with some foods such as frozen pies and pizza that pre-heating the oven for 5-10 minutes gives a better result, and making sure the food is on the rack and not touching the glass bowl.

                        ~Cookware and utensils~

                        As it isn't a microwave there are not any restrictions on the type of cookware or utensils you can use in the Halogen Oven. So you can use metal or foil containers to cook your food, and anything else that is safe to put into a conventional oven following obvious rules such as not putting pyrex or glass dishes to cook straight after taking them out of the fridge.

                        ~When your food is ready~

                        To take your food out, you lift up the handle to stop cooking then switch the temperature dial to off. I also unplug the oven at this stage. Then take the lid off and using the tongs provided I lift out the food and the racks. Sometimes the tongs are too big for certain foods so I use my tongs and fish slice which I normally use on our barbecue to lift out those foods. I will invest in a long handled metal spoon as well. It's also a good idea to use oven gloves as well for obvious reasons.

                        As the instruction manual says it's a good idea to take food out as soon as it is ready especially if you are cooking crispy foods such as pastries or chips as leaving them in the oven too long can cause them to go soggy.

                        The tongs took me a little while to master, and resulted in me dropping a lasagne on the floor, but that was my fault as I gripped the foil container a bit too tight. They are easy to use once you get the hang of them. I have found that with some dishes it isn't practical to use the tongs so you must lift those out with oven gloves.

                        ~What does the food taste like?~

                        Instruction book issues aside, I have successfully cooked some great tasting meals in our Halogen Oven. I've cooked a roast chicken, a lasagne, pasta bake to name a few examples. My mum and I feel that the oven does seal in flavours and the meals I've cooked seem to have more taste than over main oven when it was working. Meat comes out very tender and juicy, and oven chips taste almost like they were fried (normally they are a bit hard when done in a conventional oven).

                        I've also found that pastries and pizzas come out of the Halogen Oven with a lighter texture than our main oven as opposed to tough and chewy.

                        One thing I have found the Halogen Oven comes into it's own is cooking baked potatoes. While I liked microwaved baked potatoes when I was younger, I happened to eat an oven baked one when out once and realised what I had been missing out on, crispy skin and fluffy in the middle. Baked potatoes are ready in 75 minutes or less (depending on the variety of spud I'm using) with no preheating, so it puts great tasting potatoes back in the realms of lunch in this house. It's so good infact that I also eat the skin as it is both crispy and tasty when I cook them.


                        The oven is straight forward to clean, another big selling point of the oven is it's self cleaning mode. I have found that it is a good idea in theory but not so good in practice. You have to leave the oven to cool down before cleaning it in order to avoid shattering the glass bowl, then you add washing up liquid and water and set it to wash and put the timer on for 15 minutes then the fan gets to work, quoting the infomercial, in scrubbing the bowl clean. I have found that it gives a good starting point in washing the bowl, but that's about it. To be fair, the instruction book says that you might need to use a washing up brush for extra stubborn messes. The glass bowl can also be put into the dishwasher if you have one. As for the racks I just wash them up with the rest of the dishes. The lid should be wiped with a soft damp cloth.

                        ~Accessories and spares~

                        You can buy an extender ring to increase the oven's capacity for £12.99, my Mum hasn't got this yet so can't comment about it at this stage. I've also mentioned that there is now a cookbook to buy separately, I just wish it came with the oven as standard.

                        I also hope that JML will go on to produce an accessory kit similar to that for the Flavourwave such as a browning pan and a basket (which would be handy for chips and steaming veg) I think that would enhance the oven further. You can get accessories from third parties as far as I can tell.

                        The instruction manual doesn't say whether you can buy additional bowls or even the lid since the halogen bulb isn't user replaceable. JML may well sell these items as spares.


                        The JML Halogen Oven is guaranteed for one year, but you can buy an extended warranty when you purchase the oven.

                        MY OVERALL OPINION

                        Gripes aside, I do think the JML Halogen Oven is good value for money and produces pleasing results, and saves energy thanks to quicker cooking times and less pre-heating, and the fact you don't have to keep opening the oven to check food so you only need to open the oven to add other things that take a shorter cooking time. As I said that with some foods it is personal preference with regards to pre-heating the oven.

                        I think it is perfect for a small family or someone living on their own, but you can also use it to cook a casserole, curry or roast dinner that will feed several people, or you could use it in conjunction with your regular oven say at Christmas to cook your veggies and other bits and pieces while the turkey roasts in your main oven especially if they go in at different temperatures. For me, it has taken the stress out of cooking, and it is useful when my appetite goes up and down around that time of the month in that I can cook something quickly if I feel like eating something.

                        I also like the fact that it will drain the fat from meat which does make it a healthier way of cooking, and perhaps a more versatile appliance than say a grilling machine especially if you are limited on space. Another plus is that it doesn't heat the kitchen up like an oven does, so it is good to use on a hot summer's day. Obviously it is hot around the the immediate area of the oven, but take it from me, there is a huge difference.

                        Once you do get to grips with it is is a very useful thing to have. It is easy to clean and it is an advantage that you don't have to use noxious chemical cleaners to clean it and without the endless scrubbing. I have mild arthritis in my left knee and my ankles that is injury related, and a funny place in my lower back as the result of a nasty bout of flu I had several years ago, so the Halogen Oven is much easier on my joints and my back. The glass bowl is on the heavy side, so I only lift it unless I have to.

                        There is a lot to like about this product, and I have knocked a star off because the instruction book could be better, but what is there is written in a clear manner and there is a free customer helpline which my Mum and I found really helpful. I also think the product could do with a lid holder as I said earlier.

                        I don't think it could totally replace a microwave as it still has it's uses which for me is heating up my wheatbag, heating up milk for hot chocolate, and reheating baked beans and soups which can't be done in the Halogen Oven.

                        Overall I highly recommend buying a Halogen Oven.

                        Also on Ciao under username Munchkin2009


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                          19.01.2009 22:50



                          I haveused for the first time, and was very pleased with the results, however I feel there is not enough information in theleaflet supplied with the Halogen Oven, ie how to boil veg and roast at the same time. Cannot find a good recipe book forbasic cooking in the Halogen, it all seems to be by trial and error.Can anyone assist or suggest a booklet.


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                          11.12.2008 22:52
                          Very helpful



                          Great addition to kitchen, something that will get lots of use

                          I have wanted to buy a halogen tabletop cooker for a while now. I did buy a cheaper version some months ago but within a month it stopped working and I got a full refund from the manufacturer.

                          So, when I saw the JML version on TV I decided to buy one. It cost me £49 which is £10 off the current full price, less a little bit for the VAT reduction.

                          It arrived very well packed and I soon set up my gleaming new machine. The bowl stands on a heatproof stand and the unit that has the halogen bulb fits on the top of the bowl. Tongs and two racks of different heights are provided and there is an instruction book.

                          The first hing I noticed was that there were only very few recipe suggestions. I had expected to get cookery book with this machine.

                          The machine is very basic where heat settings and timing are concerned. You can cook at temperatures between 20 and 250 degrees centigrade and the timer runs for up to 60 seconds. There is also a 'thaw/defrost' facility and a 'wash' setting.

                          The first thing I did was to put water in the bottom, leaving the racks and tongs inside and add a squirt of washing up liquid. This washes the bowl in about ten minutes. After emptying the water out, turning on the heat at the highest setting for 2 minutes dries the bowl completely.

                          Next it was time to experiment a little. Cheese on toast, using untoasted bread and grated cheese took under five minutes to cook. Bacon is crisp and browned after just five minutes too. The beauty of this machine is that you don't have to heat it up first. You just switch it on and go.

                          My next experiment was a full meal.

                          A 1kg joint of beef placed in the bottom of the bowl on the low rack takes around 75minutes to cook. I wrapped the joint in foil and switched on.

                          Roast potatoes from raw take around an hour (depending on size) so I added these after 15 minutes, using a kitchen timer to remind me when to add them. These sit nicely around the meat.

                          Next came the vegetables. I chose a selection of root vegetable cut fairly thinly and placed them in a foil parcel with olive oil and seasoning. These cook in around half and hour so I set the kitchen timer accordingly.

                          After 75 minutes the whole roast meal was ready to serve.

                          While I was eating it I set the cooker to wash itself.

                          What could be easier?

                          The size of the cooking bowl is not specified in the booklet that comes with this machine but it measures 33 cms across and 16 cms in depth. I have cooked oven chips, pastry, grilled sausages, baked potatoes and many other things in this little oven and the results are excellent. The 1300W halogen bulb cooks things superfast but it is easy to keep an eye on them through the glass.

                          There is a lot of heat from this unit while it is cooking and the glass gets very hot, so extra care is needed if you have kids around. The whole thing lights up with a bright orange glow as soon as you push the handle down to start it off. (Not good on a hot day). It switches on and off during cooking to maintain the correct temperature.

                          The JML Halogen Oven is available from JML (John Mills Ltd) and can be purchased via their TV Channel, online, or in stores that stock JML Goods.

                          My favourite function is the 'wash' because it keeps the unit looking sparkling clean without much effort and I like the 'thaw' facility. Things like chicken breasts and sausages thaw much better than they do in the microwave and they don't come out looking half cooked around the edges.

                          Certainly worth the money and guaranteed for one year, although I would expect something that looks so well made and finished, to last longer.


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                        • Product Details

                          The Logik L25MOV10 Mini Oven is an enticing prospect for apartment dwellers with a taste for fine, home-cooked meals! Logik have proven with this little table-top oven that you can prepare delicious meals even in the most limited space / And with its modern black finish, this oven looks great on any kitchen worktop / Toast, bake or broil your dish to perfection in the 25-litre Logik L25MOV10 Mini Oven / and get on with other business while the 2-hour timer ensures things don't burn to a crisp! Cooking temperatures from 70 to 250 degrees centigrade are available at the turn of a dial, and the Logik L25MOV10 uses 4 metal heating elements for long-term durability / Make the most of your space even in the smallest of kitchens, with the Logik L25MOV10 Mini Oven / General information Oven capacity (liter) 25 litres Maximum power (Watt) 1200 watts Oven power (Watt) 1200 watts Thermostat 70-250 degrees C Type of presets Conventional heat, toast, bake, broil other functions Timer up to 120 minutes Accessory included Baking tray Color Black Dimensions (cm) 275 x 480 x 428 mm (H x W x D) / Short name: JML V0811

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