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4 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • good camera quality
  • not enough memory.
  • large and bulky to carry.
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    4 Reviews
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      12.07.2016 11:31
      Very helpful


      • "good camera quality"
      • "3g supported"


      • "not enough memory."
      • "large and bulky to carry."

      overall a good photographic phone.

      Nokia n 90 is a large phone compared to other phones at this range. To
      be more precise, however, it's not the mobile phone part of the
      N90 that makes it look large but the integrated
      2.0-megapixel camera that sits on the top of the N90.
      Most camera phones place the camera lens on the back of the
      camera, but in N90 it is onthe top of the phone andcan be rotated to almost a full 360 degrees.
      N90 is a
      Symbian Series 60 platform phone.Nokia rates the 760mAh Lithium Ion battery that ships with the
      N90 as being good for around 3 hours of talk time, and 12 days
      standby. We found it tended to expire after around five days in
      testing, with moderate usage of both the phone and camera


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      20.07.2011 12:14



      Good in its day , outclassed soon after..

      This handset is large - no doubt about it . I used this phone for around 6 months, an unwanted gift from a friend. It was ahead of its time 4 years ago, technology had not progressed enough back then too incorporate the camera within the main body of the phone. I do however recall picture quality from the 2 megapixel camera being ahead of the competition, video quality (VGA) was pretty good as well.

      Internal memory at 64mb was (at the time) competitive , obviously this does not stand up to current day phones (some with internal memories 500 times larger!) this is an unfair comparision though. This phone was a nice diversion from phone trends at the time which kept getting smaller, I recall actually 'feeling' that I had a phone on me without losing it on myself.

      To me , this was the first smartphone, a sign of things to come - almost like a chunky laptop of the 90's compared to todays sleek netbooks.

      I do recall using this handset as a sort of e-reader of books on some long trips, the PDF reader is well up to the task , other software that comes with the phone can read (not edit) powerpoint and word files too.

      In its day a fine phone that is a little overengineered.


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      16.09.2006 13:20
      Very helpful



      Great phone if you can live without the vibrate mode

      Nokia N90

      After having multiple problems with my new Moterola VR RAZR, I decided to go back to Nokia mobiles as I have always found them more reliable.

      I wanted a phone with all the latest features and furthermore, one that would last me for a while.
      I had been looking through many Nokia phones, and all though this one was not the cheapest, it was highly recommended time after time.

      This being the Nokia N90

      Not only does this mobile look stylish it offers all the latest features that many other mobiles do.

      Nokia N90- The Look

      This phone is silver and blue, and has a camera that you can rotate. It is slim looking in the photos but not one of the lightest mobiles around weighing at 173 g.
      This is a flip phone style mobile. Once you lift up the front part of the phone, which is the camera that also rotates, the keypad is then viewable. It has your normal 1-9 number keys with a circular button at the top to access your menus, with 2 extra buttons either side of the circular button to help you navigate your phone options.
      In my personal opinion I think it looks the business, and one of the better looking mobiles in the Nokia N-Series. The antenna is internal so you have not got any annoying aerials sticking out.
      I have included pictures below.
      All in all, don't worry you won't be ashamed of your mobile!

      Nokia N-90- The Features

      The features on this phone are state of the art. Especially the camera itself. You can view all the specifications (which I am not going to bore you with) on the Nokia website - www.nokia.co.uk.

      The Camera and Screen-

      You have two screens to this phone. One on the front of the mobile, and once you lift the front part of the phone, on the back you also have another screen, therefore giving you two ergonomic modes for instant photo and video capture.
      The camera lens itself uses Carl Zeiss optics, which I have said in my reviews before are one of the best makes for optical shooting.
      It operates in different modes, the clamshell handset can be used in shape of a regular phone, in a video recording mode - held much like a camcorder - and in a still shot mode with the lens barrel rotating and the external display acting as the viewfinder. At 65K colours 128 x 128 pixels it's quite a bit smaller than the internal display, but certainly is not a major problem with the design and still works very well.
      Nokia also included more advanced imaging functionality such as autofocus and a macro mode in the N90 than that of any other in the N-series . The built-in flash can be set to either on/off, automatic or red eye reduction modes, with users also able to adjust brightness and white balance. Pictures can be taken in resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 pixels, however the N90 is also able to record video in CIF format at 352 x 288 pixels, the quality of which is impressive - and even more so when viewed on the high resolution screen of the N90. It is a 2 mega pixel camera, roughly 113mm x 51mm x 24mm in size. When twisting the screen sideways photography mode is switched on which will allow you to create videos and stills. You may take stills with the flip closed, however, in this mode videos can't be taken.
      It features an integrated flash, making your night shots, or dark gloomy conditions much better quality. The camera also twists round 180 degrees to take your own video or snapshot, after all, we do live in a vein world.
      You can also edit your images with the software on your phone, allowing you to either have more fun with the photo by including funny borders or something, or changing the contrast of your photo, weather it be to make it lighter or darker.
      The shutter and camera menu joystick are located towards the edge of the N90.
      Did I forget to mention the camera had 20x zoom?

      As I have already stated, the phone has two screens. The main screen uses 262000 colours (TFT) 352 x 416 px, and the external screen 65000 colours (TFT) 128 x 128 px. They both are pleasing and not too strenuous to the eye. You can adjust brightness to the screens if so needed anyway.

      Function Modes-

      The N90 can operate in four different modes.

      Closed Mode:- This is where the flip cover rests on the keypad, allowing you to take stills and viewing them by your external screen. The camera barrel at the top of the phone also turns 180 degrees, making it look like a small standard video camera in this mode. Look at picture 2, to see what the phone looks like in this mode.

      Camera Mode:- When the camera barrel is swivelled it then changes from closed mode to camera mode.

      Imaging mode:- Ok, this probably being the most important mode for imaging purposes. This is where your actual flip part of the phone swivels. To get to the imaging mode you flip down the bottom part of the device (with the keypad) 90 degrees until the hinge part locks into place. You then flip the top part up towards you 90 degrees to a vertical position. The N90 is now easily held in your hand and the screen display serves as the camera viewfinder. If you look at the outside display you will see an image of a camera. The camera capture button and joystick are now readily accessible with your right thumb and rotating the camera barrel will help you frame your shot. You will also find the display goes into landscape mode and the camera application launches automatically. You can only use the camera or gallery functions in the imaging mode, but this does allow you to watch video in landscape mode.

      Fold Open mode:- The most common mode on all flip phones, the fold open mode allows you access your phone like you would normally do on any other flip phone by opening it vertically 90 degrees. The display will appear in portrait mode and the keypad will be fully accessible. At the bottom of the display you can see the light sensor that is used to adjust brightness on the display and keypad. You will use this mode the most when you are just making normal calls or going through your menus to access different features such as games.

      Moving on from the function modes, the N90 also features 2-way video call capability. Now this looks a great feature, but unfortunately and obviously you need someone else who has this feature on their phone, and as yet my list of contacts do not have that sort of feature, so I would advise that if this is a particular interest of this phone for you, to look at other reviews on the web from users that have tired this function. However, from what I have already read, this is a great feature, and in terms of image speed and sound quality, reviews have said it is very good, but I would still advise you to take a read yourself.

      The phone also allows you to do voice commands. Instead of searching through my phone book, I can speak a name into the mobile and the phone will search for a match. Now what makes this different to other voice command mobiles is that you do not have to pre-record your commands, it searches for the way it is spelt, which is very clever in theory, but in practice it has let me down a few times, finding matches that were not of what I have said. However that just could be down to the dodgy accent I have, and to be honest it isn't a main feature for me as it is just as quick to get the name out of your phone book by pressing a few buttons. You do have speed dial and automatic redial just like most phones, so phoning someone rather quickly is never much of a hassle.

      N90- Usability

      The mobile is quite easy to use in any mode. The menus are clear and self explanatory. I didn't actually find much use for the handbook as it was that easy. The menus are easy to navigate, especially sending txts or searching for a contact in your phonebook. The screen displays all options or information clearly.
      Finding things like your photo stills, videos or other multimedia is also a piece of cake, by pressing options and going to your gallery.
      With the use of your camera and the different modes, I would advise a read through the handbook, but like most mobiles, once you have played with it for a few hours it soon becomes clear how to use, so experiment the different modes and find which one suits you the most, which is exactly what I did.
      The battery life on this mobile is more than good, I use my N90 all the time, and charge it once every three days, which is not bad at all if you are continuously on the phone.

      Memory - I was quite impressed to know that this phone has a large memory for images and videos. You get 31MB of internal storage plus a reduced size Multimedia Card (MMC) to keep you shooting - enough for an entire feature-length movie.

      Print - Printing your images is possible with this mobile by selecting images directly from the Gallery with just a few pushes of a button. With the Nokia XpressPrint printing solution, users can select from a range of mobile printing options, including PictBridge, where the handset is connected directly to a compatible photo printer with a USB cable; wireless printing over Bluetooth wireless technology; or by extracting the Reduced Size Dual Voltage Multimedia Card (RS-MMC) from the side of the phone and inserting it into a compatible printer.

      N90- Connectivity

      The phone will come with a USB cable for your computer, which allows you to download multimedia both on and off your phone too and from your computer. This works very well, and I have imported a few photo stills off my phone onto my computer with ease.
      You also have bluetooth, in which you can send and receive all sorts of multimedia from and too other mobiles, and with your PC.
      Improved Web compatibility with support for HTML 4.01, including support for elements such as image maps, background images, and frames which is very good for those who use the internet on their mobiles.

      N90- Price and Accessories

      When I brought this phone it was only available on the T-Mobile network, but now I have seen it available on vodafone and 02. Some contracts may offer this phone for free.
      As far as I am aware it is still not yet available on pay as you go, but that might be just because it is new, as most phones do eventually go on to the pay as you go tariff.

      You can expect to pay around £200 for this phone now, and it is advised to have a strong browse around for deals. Like many mobiles however, once the next new one in the series comes out, this will no doubt drop dramatically in price.

      The accessories which came with my phone were a car charger and a hands free headset.

      N90- Anything that I might of missed?

      Although I do not play many games on any mobiles that I have owned, these do have them, furthermore, with the Java Script feature this phone possesses, you can download games to your phone without taking up hardly any room, and delete them again whenever you want.

      The ring tones are polyphonic, and although they have a good selection already integrated onto the phone, you can download and share many more, without it taking up hardly any memory at all.

      N90- My Overall Opinion

      I am mostly very pleased with the Nokia N90. It's major plus is the photography and video features of the phone, which have far exceeded my expectations, and are better than any other phone I have used.
      The phone was easy to navigate and use, with it all being mostly self explanatory, and not having to dig into the handbook.
      Nokia didn't go for a light phone, and looks are deceiving with this one. It is heavy for your normal day mobiles that we are used too of late, but that certainly did not put me off this one.
      The only disadvantages that I found was that this had no Vibrate mode, so when you select the phone onto silent mode you will not know when anybody's ringing or you have a txt unless you are looking at it. This for me was a bit of a let down as most phones have Vibrate modes, and I was surprised to learn this hadn't.

      However, apart from that little niggle, I really am pleased with it, although heavy, it don't take up loads of room in my pocket, I am pleased with all the features, and after having it for about three weeks, I have had no problems with it.

      I would recommend this mobile, and rate it 8 out of 10.

      For more information on this mobile or for a full list of specifications you can always visit the Nokia website www.nokia.co.uk.
      This phone is available in most UK mobile leading stores, including Phones 4u and Link.

      Thanks for reading, Dempsey


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        13.02.2006 13:44


        • Reliability


        Good but expensive.

        This phone is a step forward from the other Nokias. It has the advantage of the Carl Zeiss Camera Lens, 2mp camera, big screen, symbian Os, 3g, edge, etc. Nokia sure made a use of the big and heavy phone. This is designed to compete with the new SOny Ericsson w800, and K750. The K750 has dominated the Pre-Sales as it launches May25th. If you are a camera person, this is the phone for you. If you are a Music person, The w800i comes with 512mb of space, but can be added a whopping 2gb. This phone is equiped with the latest Music players from sony walkman. It has a Flight mode wher ethe phone can be turned off and serves as Mp3 player for 30hours. IT also has the option of being plugged into a Stereo system to deliver the Music throughout. Looking forward to testing these two.

        The good: 2-megapixel CMOS digital camera with flash and 8X digital zoom; MPEG-4 video-capture capabilities; separate lens and display swivels; EDGE capable; RS-MMC external memory slot; MP3 player; PictBridge compatible; Bluetooth; USB connectivity; e-mail.

        The bad: Expensive; big and heavy; proprietary headphone jack; low integrated memory; no stereo speakers; short talk time.

        The bottom line: It's a startling combination of image capture, music playback, and communications capabilities in a clever but bulky Transformers-like package. However, at more than $900 for an unlocked model, the Nokia N90 is not for the faint of wallet.


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