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3 Reviews
  • reliable
  • Cheap to buy
  • Bad camera
  • Lags a lot
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    3 Reviews
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      24.02.2016 01:03
      Not Helpful


      • "Comes in different colors "
      • Cheap


      • "Lags a lot"
      • "Bad camera "
      • "Bad processer "
      • Slow
      • "Bad application store"

      If your looking for solid all round good phone this is not it.

      If your someone that doesn't go on the phone often and doesn't really riliy on three phone, then this is the phone for you! But if you compare this phone to others such as an iPhone or Samsung its garbage . for these reasons I give thus phone 5/10 stars


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      14.03.2015 09:45
      Very helpful



      Ok but can do better

      I am going to preface this review by the next paragraph.
      I am 58 Years old, been in IT support all my adult life, I was so frustrated with SmartPhones, that I seriously considered moving back to a flip phone.
      1. This is by far the easiest smart phone I have ever used. Android phones kept crashing, and iOS is to dumbed down. Battery life on either is horrible.
      2. I had tons of apps on my Android, my wife has tons of apps on her iPhone. I had 5 to 6 screens of apps. Wait, but I only used 4 or 5 apps. So as for the Ecosystem, I really don't care.
      3. Its a great concept to have a phone that is a camera that is a media player, that is a Personal Computer. But I never use my smart phone like that. I use it as,,,,well a Phone,,,and sometimes search the internet with it.

      So on to the review. Like I said above, I was just about to go out and dump my Smart Phone for a Flip Phone. Until Microsoft released this phone, and Cricket became part of the AT&T network, and offered up this phone for FREE, with only 40 bucks a month service.

      The phone itself is like any typical modern Smartphone, i.e. weight and size. Feels good in my hand, but here is where it parts ways with the Typical Modern Smartphone, its a Windows 8.1 Smartphone.

      WOW, Windows 8.1 is amazing on a phone, I have never been an Apple Boy, to pricy for me. I have used every form of Windows since Windows 3.0. I am used to Windows, and it does what I want it to do. (And guess what, I have never had a virus, smart computing is the reason). But Windows 8.1 is the most user friendly fast OS for a phone I have ever seen. Simple yet elegant. Like I said earlier I basically use the following apps, Slingplayer, Netflix, Browser, and Email. Everyone comments on the lack of apps, well I don't care about that, I have everything I need with Windows 8.1.
      And being the phone is Windows, it just melts in with the systems I run at home. My primary email is not gmail, it a Microsoft Live account. Setting up this phone was so simple being I am familiar with Windows. iOS is totally different that MAC OS, Android has really no PC platform OS. Everything just felt RIGHT, when I started up the phone.
      Battery Life, is truly amazing. I could maybe make it 3/4 thru the day, and I would have to plug in my Android. I could make it one day when I put in an extended battery, which doubled the weight of the phone.
      The 635 easily lasts 2 days. I forgot my phone in the car one night, and it dropped to 10 degrees. Next morning phone power right up.

      Camera - I use a hi res SLR Camera, I have not even tried to use the camera on this phone.

      Media Player use. I have used it, it works fine. Both of our vehicles have USB/SD card slots so we primarily use those interfaces.
      Cost - FREE, can I say more, well yes. Who in their right mind will spend upwards of 400 dollars for a phone, and then pay upwards of 65 dollars a month for service just to have the latest Sexy phone. I don't understand it......its a frickin phone. In closing, if you want a good smartphone, and don't care about all the bells and whistles, this is a great phone for you. But, if you want that Sexy G4 blah blah blah, go ahead and spend that 400 bucks.


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      27.10.2014 17:22
      Very helpful


      • "Does what I need"
      • "Cheap to buy"


      • Camera
      • "App store"

      No thrills smartphone that does the job.

      Okay, so I bought this Nokia Lumia 635 on a whim as I smashed my old phone up (don't ask) and needed a new one as soon as possible. I went to the Carphone warehouse as I knew they sold a variety and picked up this phone for £99

      The first thing that attracted me to the phone was the colour, I have it in bright green and I believe orange was the alternative colour but it looked good, and different and stood out which meant I couldn't lose it in my bag a much (in theory haha).

      The phone cost me £99 on PAYG and I had to top up £10 to O2 to activate it which was fine, pop it on charge for a bit and off we go.

      The phone itself is simple to use, it has the 'windows' layout which I like as I like to personalise my phone and move the apps wherever etc and have my photos on show on the live tiles etc. These are easy to personalise with a quick play around and is why I prefer Nokia to other well known phone companies.

      The camera is 5MP rear facing which is okay, but not great quality and doesn't have a flash or anything so if you want a decent camera, don't buy this phone! The photos tend to come out a bit grainy and dark. The annoying thing is that the phone doesn't have a camera on the front as taking selfies is very hard when you don't have one haha.

      The phone comes with an app store which you can get basic apps such as the ones I used (facebook, twitter, instagram etc) but if you like your games, good look finding any as its nowhere near as good as apple or androids app store. I am not too bothered by this as i don't really use many apps, it has the ones I do like and i'm happy. People do try to make alternatives to the popular app store games on other app stores, but they're not as good generally and tend to crash a lot.

      The speaker on the phone is quite good however it doesnt actually come with headphones, but I used Apple headphones and the quality of music is great, no complants there.

      In reguards to general use such as calling people and texting, the phone does all this fine, has spellcheck etc and touch technology for those who prefer to use that. It calls people, it lets me text and thats all I care about really.

      If you are looking for a no thrills cheap smartphone, this phone will be okay for you, however if you are after high quality, go for a higher end Nokia or perhaps a different manufacturer altogether.


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