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L'Oreal Excell 10

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26 Reviews

Kit contains the same elements as most home dye kits and was therefore easy and quick to mix and use. Hair felt great afterwards - silky and smooth and gave good colour coverage, even over grey hairs.

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    26 Reviews
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      13.10.2011 10:45
      Very helpful



      A fantastic hair dye with great coverage, from L'oreal.

      === The Product ===

      This is a box containing all the items you will need in order to dye your head hair a different shade. The shade that I used was 'Chocolate Brown 5.15'. There are various shades in the collection and the result that you will get after using the hair dye will vary depending on your current hair shade. This is a permanent hair dye that takes just 10 minutes to colour your hair making for a quick experience that should leave you with beautiful looking well covered dyed hair.

      === Contents of box ===

      Creme colour (60ml)
      Creme developer (60ml)
      After dye conditioner (40ml)
      Applicator comb
      Applicator nozzle
      Protective gloves

      All items are supplied sealed and in a cardboard box which is recyclable. The gloves come within a bag and the other items are all sealed for safety and so you know that they have not been tampered with before use.

      === How to use it ===

      Before using this dye, each time it is used, it is recommend to carry out a skin test. This involves using a very small amount of the hair dye 48 hours before dyeing the full hair. This is recommended to be done each and every time the dye is used, even if using the same shade again and again, as an allergic reaction can develop at any time and will be incredibly severe, in some cases, if the full head of hair is dyed. This is firmly recommended by the manufacturer and is something that I have been doing each and every time that I use a hair dye, regardless of whether or not I have used the brand or shade before.

      There are gloves provided with most hair dyes and I always look for a hair dye that comes with these. The gloves are usually provided in a little bag or cardboard container that ensures that they are kept clean and hygienic before being used.

      To start the dyeing I just mix together the creme colour and creme developer. This is very simple as the bottle of one has a cap that is removed. I then unscrew the cap of the other and squirt this in to the first bottle. Firmly shake this to ensure that all the colour and developer is mixed together and then this is ready to be used. There is an applicator comb and an applicator nozzle that can be used. I used the applicator nozzle for this as I was just free applying this throughout my hair and used the nozzle to help part my hair to ensure that all of my hair, and its roots, is well covered.

      This hair dye is simple to use, even for a relative novice like myself. It takes around 5 minutes to apply the dye, including time to set up and mix the colour and developer together, and then I just left this for around 10 minutes, as advised, but possibly 12 or 13 minutes instead by the time I was ready to rinse this off. Once the time is up I simply use my shower head to rinse my hair, scrubbing at it with the palm of my hand, until the water runs clean. The gloves are very useful here as they allow me a good grip to scrub with without worrying about my nails or skin become discoloured.

      Once I have finished dyeing my hair I used some of the conditioner that was provided with this kit. I probably used around 1/3 of this meaning I would get just 3, possibly 4 small, applications from this tube. That's not as good as with some other kits, however, the conditioner itself works well and helps my hair to feel soft and smooth again. This definitely softened it against some of the harsh chemicals that I had used dyeing my hair and after using this my hair felt soft and smooth.

      === The price & where to purchase from ===

      This can be purchased from Boots stores and Boots.co.uk for £8.16 and I purchased two of the 5.15 shade for £10.00 on a recent in store promotion in September 2011. There are over 15 shades available in store and online making this the ideal brand regardless of your hair colour.

      === Does it work? ===

      Yes! My hair was always a fairly boring brown and then I started getting it dyed just before getting married earlier this year. I have used this dye twice now and have been very pleased with the results both times. This dye is permanent, as advertised, although I did find that some of the colour slightly leaked in to my baths for the first week or so after dyeing my hair. After this stopped, I did notice that my colour was still strong and this remained that way until one month after the first dye when I dyed it again, the same shade, to stop my duller colours roots from showing through.

      === Overall opinion ===

      This hair dye colour is brilliant. I have found that both times I have used the shade that my hair has looked lovely. The colour appears to be the same from one dye to the next and it is definitely permanent. The 2 for £10.00 offer that I purchased these on was very pleasing as I think that £5.00 per dye, particularly for a well known brand, is good value for money. I liked the convenience of leaving this on my hair for just 10 minutes as it meant that I could do this, from start to finish, in 30 minutes including drying my hair afterwards.

      It was easy to prepare for using this dye and with the help of some Vaseline and an old towel I was able to ensure that my skin and face was left free of hair dye colouring. The instructions were simple to read, easy to follow and were correct. The gloves were strong and did the job well before I was able to just turn them inside out to peel them off and discard them.

      My hair definitely looks better for being dyed. Lots of people have noticed and remarked on how nice my new colour is and how my hair looks glossier and richer, which I definitely agree with. I feel more confident about my hair now and I have been making a lot more effort to have it trimmed regularly and style it more since I first starting dyeing it 6 months ago. While the difference between the 'chocolate brown' I have been selecting and the brown that my hair was before is not the greatest colour difference I definitely feel like more hair looks more shiny and radiant since dyeing it. The conditioner that is supplied with this hair dye has definitely helped and since dyeing my hair I have found that I can go 2 full days without having to wash it which is a definite improvement from the 1 1/2 days before.

      The only thing that I did not find easy to use with this was the comb. I have found, with two different dye brands, that these combs are not very good. I have quite thick hair that can be knotty from time to time and I have found that these combs just end up getting stuck, holding me up and then it takes a significantly longer amount of time to dye my hair leading to different strengths of colour.

      Overall I am very happy with the quality of this hair dye. It is simple to mix, use and to wash off. It gives good coverage and I love the end result. The price I paid was reasonable and I would be happy to try this again in the future even at full price.


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      27.09.2011 10:30
      Very helpful



      An excellent choice for easy application

      I have been dyeing my hair for over 10 years now, and always like to try out different colours. Red is a favourite shade that I often use as it suits my colouring and is flattering against my skintone. My most recent home hair colour purchase was this L'Oreal Excell 10, which was on special offer in Boots at the price of £8.00 for two. This was a reasonable deal and the price sold me on it, along with the promise of quick colour development and easy application. I selected the shade Cherry Red which is marked as 5 1/2 6.

      Product description: "The Excell 10 formula works faster than a classic permanent hair colourant: its colourants quickly penetrate the hair's core for luxurious colour and perfect grey coverage in just 10 minutes.
      Hair is protected, feels as soft as cashmere. Formulated with optimised pH and enriched with Ceramide R, Excell 10 helps protect the hair while colouring. After colouring, the cashmere balm envelops the hair in a protective layer: beautiful, soft and smooth, your hair is transformed."

      L'Oreal's Excell 10 provides a complete kit that contains everything you will need to dye your hair at home, including:
      1 x 60 ml tube of creme colourant
      1 x 60 ml bottle of creme developer
      1 x 40 ml bottle of cashmere balm
      1 x easy colour comb applicator
      1 x precision tip applicator
      1 x pair of professional quality gloves
      1 x instruction leaflet

      It is recommended that you should carry out a skin test 24 hours in advance of using the dye on your hair. I must admit that after my years of home dyeing I now no longer bother with this step, but if you are new to dyeing or have sensitive skin then this should be followed to ensure that you don't have any adverse reactions to the chemicals in the product.

      There are a few essential things that I do before colouring my hair, and these help to protect my skin and surroundings from being dyed along with my hair. I always put on the protective gloves and make sure to have a supply of extras just in case. Wear old clothes and then wrap a specially designated hair dyeing towel around your shoulders, as this is bound to end up covered in marks, but it will save your clothes from staining. Not getting dye stains on your skin can be tricky, so I apply a barrier layer over my face around the hairline, on my ears, and on the back of my neck. Lush's Ultrabland is perfect for this, as it stops the dye from soaking into your skin and you can just wipe it away once you're finished. Vaseline is also supposed to do a good job.

      Directions for use: Combine the creme colourant tube with the creme developer and mix thoroughly by shaking. You can choose to apply with either of the tips. Wet hair and towel dry. Begin application at the roots and distribute through to the ends of the hair. Leave for 10 minutes to develop. Add a little warm water and massage the hair to form a lather. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Apply cashmere balm and leave for 2 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

      I think the best thing about this hair dye is that it was just so easy to use. I frequently dye my own hair, but it can sometimes be tricky to get an even application across the whole area when you're doing it on your own. I tried using the colour comb applicator and this made things an awful lot easier, as I was able to apply the colour directly and really work it through all the strands to spread it out evenly. The Excell 10 formulation was very lightweight but I did not find it drippy or messy. It seemed to glide through my hair and spread out well without the need for me to apply large amounts or spend ages rubbing it in. The consistency of the hair dye took well to my hair and it was easy to see which areas I had already treated and where I needed to apply it next. I found it a little amusing that the gloves were named as "professional quality", but in fact they really were. The gloves fitted well and allowed me to get a good grip on the bottle. They also didn't make my hands sweat like some of the cheaper ones can do, so this was an added bonus.

      ETA - Forgot to mention this, but I felt it was important so came back to add it it. I have quite long hair that falls to below my shoulders, and for every single other permanent hair dye product I have ever used, I have always needed to use two boxes of the hair dye to get a coverage over my full head of hair. The formulation of this hair dye seemed to coat my hair and also spread well. I was amazed that it only required one box of the dye to do a full job over the entire lengths of my hair.

      Once I had the dye in my hair I had to wait for just 10 minutes as the colour developed. This is an amazingly short period of time, and is only a third or a quarter of the usual recommended 30-40 minutes. It can be quite restrictive having to sit around for 30-40 minutes with hair dye on, as you can't really move around in case it gets on something and stains. Also, I have to take my glasses off when I'm applying hair dye so I can't even sit there and watch TV to bridge the gap, and it can get pretty boring. I was a little dubious that 10 minutes would allow for a vibrant colour but I was willing to try it as it would be worth saving the time.

      So, 10 minutes later and I rinsed my hair through. Another good point here for the Excell 10 was that it washed out very quickly compared to most of the other dyes that I have used before which can take a lot of work to rinse thoroughly. I applied the cashmere balm and then waited for my hair to dry so I could see the colour.

      My natural hair colour is deep brunette, with some ginger tendencies. The ends of my hair usually fade to an auburn sort of shade, which means that there can be some variants in shading when I colour over it with hair dye. I was pleased that to begin with my hair had turned a lovely rich shade of red and it looked very bright when caught by the sun or under artificial lighting. The colour match was quite close to what I had expected from the pictures on the box, and I was happy with how it had turned out.

      The little bottle of cashmere balm conditioner lasted me for 2 weeks worth of use, and helped to keep my hair nourished after the effects of using the dye on it. The colour did not bleed out at all when I washed my hair. The initial bright colour lasted for up to about 3 weeks, but then it did start to look noticeably faded at 4 weeks. Red is a very difficult colour to maintain as it is well known for fading quickly due to the nature of the red colour pigments. I did really like how the colour looked, but was a little disappointed that it only really lasted me for 3 weeks. I try to only dye my hair once every 2-3 months to avoid causing too much damage, and this meant that I was left with faded locks for longer than I would have liked before my next attempt at colouring.

      Overall I would say that I was really impressed with the experience of applying the Excell 10 hair dye, and the kit contained everything I needed to be able to do a professional looking job by myself at home. The dye went on easily and evenly, washed out quickly and developed in just 10 minutes to give a lovely bright colour. I would definitely try this again in a different shade (not red) to see if it had better staying power, as the only downside was it's short lifespan and faded look within four weeks. L'Oreal Excell 10 would be a great starting place for beginners, or for practiced home dyers that want to get the job done quickly.


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        10.08.2011 21:37
        Very helpful



        I would use this again, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

        I regularly colour my hair and have done so for a number of years now, although I am finding it becoming a more frequent task the older I become, because of the appearance of grey hair.
        I do tend to stick with one or two products which I know I like, but am not afraid of trying out other brands and products particularly if they are on offer.

        L'Oreal is actually a brand I have used on many occasions and is one I trust, so when I saw this L'Oreal Excell 10' on offer at a promotional price of £5 in Asda recently, I didn't hesitate about buying it.
        I actually thought I had used Excell 10' before and it wasn't until I came to actually apply this product to my hair that I realised I hadn't used this before. It was actually another hair colourant with a very similar name, by another popular brand that I had used.

        L'Oreal Excell 10' is a creme colourant which works in just ten minutes and provides 100 % grey coverage according to the box. I must admit I had my doubts about these 'work in just ten minutes' colourants, but they do tend to work just as promised and therefore colouring your hair using one of these ten minute colourants, is a faster process than when using the usual 30 minute formulas.

        The Excell 10' formula quickly penetrates the hair's core when applied. Formulated with optimised pH* and enriched with Ceramide R, this formula also claims to protect the hair whilst colouring.
        Included in the box, along with the colourant, developing lotion and gloves is a lovely smelling cashmere balm to apply to your hair after colouring. As well as the usual tipped applicator, a comb applicator is also provided as well as full instructions and information on performing a skin allergy test 48 hours prior to colouring your hair.

        ~~ Using L'Oreal Excell 10' ~~

        I actually prefer to use colourants which you can apply to dry unwashed hair although I am aware there are a number of hair colourants around which you apply to wet hair and this is one of them.
        It's not that I mind wetting my hair first, but it does make the process more time consuming and also I tend to find that colourants you apply to wet hair tend to be more runny and messy.
        Of course the fact that you only leave Excell 10' on your hair for ten minutes after application, makes the fact you have to wet your hair first not as time consuming in terms of the process overall, so it is more a case of swings and roundabouts here.

        The colourant was easy to mix together by pouring the colour into the developing lotion and giving it a shake. It is then ready to use.
        L'Oreal advise using the comb attachment to comb through the lengths of your hair applying colour and the more traditional applicator for the roots. However, I wasn't holding out much hope for finding the comb an easy tool to use based on past experience with another product. I did try again to use the comb applicator to apply the colourant to lengths of my hair, but found it wasn't easy and the colour wasn't being applied evenly, so once again I binned the comb in favour of the tipped pointed applicator, which I find really easy to use, applying the product to my roots and then scooping my hair up in my hands , piling it on top of my head and squeezing the rest of the product through the lengths whilst doing so. The product was not as runny as I feared it may be so that was a bonus, as I didn't have any drips to contend with.

        As this is a permanent hair colour it does contain ammonia and I found that this one does smell quite strongly. Indeed I would say it is one of the strongest smelling products I have used and so it was probably just as well it only had to be on my hair for ten minutes.
        After ten minutes I rinsed it off until the water ran clear and applied the cashmere balm to my hair, which was a welcome smell after the ammonia!
        The balm has a creamy thick consistency and works well moisturising your hair. My fingers glided easily through my hair as I applied it and after rinsing out, my hair felt soft and smooth.

        After drying my hair as usual, I was very pleased with the condition and colour of my hair. All grey had been covered and my hair looked shiny and felt silky smooth. This ten minute application works just as well as the usual 30 minute applications, so have no worries about the results not being as good.
        The colour lasts well and doesn't tend to fade or look dull after a few washes and I have no complaints with the results. The only downside to using Excell 10' is the strong smell and also the comb applicator which I just cannot get away with, but seeing as how they still include a traditional applicator this isn't a problem.

        I would purchase Excell 10' again as it gives good results, but only if it is on offer as there are other hair colourants I prefer to use which don't smell as strong.


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          28.07.2010 11:04
          Very helpful



          The fastest colour yet

          Ever since I was 16 I've had to use hair dye to cover up unsightly grey hair. Personally I blame my father, everyone on his side of the family seems to have gone grey at an early age and I guess I just happened to inherit the gene if there is one. As you can imagine, over the years I have experimented with quite a number of branded hair dyes from the cheapest of the cheap to the most expensive on the market and it has become an indispensable product in my life.

          The one thing hair dyes tend to have in common is the set / leave in time which for my stubborn grey's was around the 45 minute mark, so imagine my delight when I started seeing all these adverts for the new advanced 10 minute developing hair dyes, I imagined I would save so much time using one of these and so I simply had to try one. My product of choice having favoured the L'Oreal brand of hair dyes was the spiced chocolate version of L'Oreal Paris Excell 10 which is a permanent hair dye.

          ***How does hair dye work***

          Hair is a very complex structure in itself made up of 91% protein called keratin and it is found all over the human body except the palms of your hands, soles of your feet, lips and eyelids. It's important to choose the right hair dye as apparently we all look at our hair and see it as being darker than it actually is so it's recommended that you use a shade lighter than what you believe your natural hair colour to be so you get a more natural looking colour after you've dyed your locks.

          The most common ingredients and indeed the main ingredients of hair dye are ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, and it is these chemicals that bond the hair dye to the hair and have the ability to seep into the hair follicles keeping the dye on your hair for longer periods of time. Most hair dyes these days also have moisturizers and vitamins to keep the hair soft and looking healthy so the harsh chemicals don't leave your hair dry and frizzy.

          ***L'Oreal Excell 10***

          L'Oreal Paris is one of the global leaders in Beauty trends and in an effort to make the personal at home beauty regime even more convenient than ever, they have brought out their new faster developing hair dye Excell 10. What woman wouldn't want to shave half an hour off of the time required to dye hair and in the comfort of your own home too. No need to rush out to the hair salon to spend £70 on getting your hair coloured when you can do it yourself for a mere £5 at home. That's what I paid for my hair dye. Every other month or so, I see that Asda or Tesco yet again have a promotion on for hair dye and I snap them up. £5 is a bargain and I don't mind colouring my hair myself, it saves me pennies and time.

          ***What do you get***

          Contained in the box you get; 1 x 60 ml tube of crème colourant, 1 tube of crème developer, 1 bottle of cashmere balm, 1 easy colour comb applicator, 1 precision tip applicator, 1 pair of professional quality gloves, and of course the instruction leaflet for applying the hair colour. My one piece of advice would be to open up the box and make sure you have all of the above because on occasion I have bought a hair dye and found the gloves to be missing or one of the nozzle caps to be missing so it's important to check. I guess it's like any form of DIY, when you buy a new piece of furniture, you check to make sure that all the nuts and bolts etc are present and correct and you should do this with beauty DIY products also. Opening my box up I find that all of the items are present and correct so it's onward with the application.

          ***The claim***

          On the box there is a statement from L'Oreal with regards to this product and what it does which is as follows "Innovation - The L'Oreal laboratories create Excell10', a new permanent colourant technology that protects and ensures 100% long lasting grey coverage in just 10 minutes.

          ***The preparation***

          It really couldn't be simpler - everything you need to know about the product and it's application is contained within the instruction leaflet and the basics are as follows:

          If it is the first time you are using this brand of hair dye it is important to complete the 48 hour skin allergy test which requires you to open up the Creme Developer. To do this simply pierce the tube using the top of the cap, apply 2 -3 coats of the unmixed colourant with a cotton bud behind the ear and leave for 48 hours. If you have any itching redness or swelling around the area of application then it's important that you don't use the product, otherwise it's safe to proceed. The instructions actually recommend that you complete the skin allergy test every time you use the product but after the 1st time I haven't done it again and haven't had any problems but I guess that's just the risk you take.

          Take the contents out and pop out the perforated section located on the back of the box - I find this a really handy extra as I don't have to worry about . Slot the Creme Developer into this perforated section and voila you have a stand that will ensure the product remains upright whilst you mix in the Creme Colourant. Take the cap off of the developer and screw the tube of crème colourant onto the tube of developer and squeeze in the whole tube of colourant. Pop the cap back onto the developer and shake the tube vigorously making sure the two are evenly mixed.

          ***The Application***

          How you apply the hair dye will depend on whether or not you have previously coloured your hair or if it is the first time your hair has been coloured. There really isn't that much difference in the application.
          If you haven't dyed your hair before basically you wet it, towel dry and comb through. Apply the colour evenly from root to tip using the comb applicator and leave it to develop for 10 minutes, rinse off, condition and the colouring is complete.

          The process of course is slightly different if you have previously coloured your hair and these are the steps that I had to follow after wetting and towel drying my locks:

          1. Attach the precision tip nozzle to the tube containing the mixed dye and divide the hair into sections, working the dye through the roots. It's easy enough to do this bit yourself, as long as you have a mirror so you can see what you're doing. This is where the perforated section in the box also comes in handy as you can set the tube into it while you spread the dye evenly through your roots. My recommendation is to squeeze the dye on and using your index and middle finger on both hands, gently smooth over the hair surrounding the root and repeat the process section by section until you have covered all areas. Recommended development time on the roots is 5 minutes.

          2. Next step is to apply the dye to the lengths of your hair and this is easily done with the comb applicator. Now I find that it's easy enough to do the front sections of your hair but rather difficult wrestling with the back of your head, especially when you can't even see what you're doing, so if you can have someone help with the application you're definitely at an advantage. Once you are convinced you have sufficient coverage you can relax for all of about 3 Minutes. Again the recommended developing time is 5 minutes and the instructions are quite clear that it is important to stick to the guide times as the result may appear darker if you leave the dye in your hair for longer, so I was very careful to stick to the 10 minute guide line.
          It's almost impossible to apply hair dye without getting it somewhere other than on your hair and I find that the most common areas are your ears neck and forehead, but what I tend to do while I'm waiting for the dye to develop is take a face wipe over the areas that have mistakenly been dyed and it comes off easily enough, but try to take it off as quickly as possible otherwise it may not come off so easy.

          3. It's time to rinse. I like to take the hair dye off in the shower so I'm not bent backwards over the bathtub awkwardly trying to get the dye out so into the shower we go. Quickly pop your head under and then rub the dye into your head to work up a lather, just like you would with shampoo, then rinse it all off. Once the water runs clear it's time to condition. L'Oreal provide a cashmere balm to soften your luscious locks and seal in the colour. Leave in the conditioner for a couple of minutes massaging it into your scalp and rinse out. This really does make your hair feel silky soft even when it's still wet and there enough for 3-4 applications in between colourings.

          ***The Result***

          10 minutes and 1 shower later and it's time to see if the colouring has been successful. After towel drying my hair, I get cracking with the hair dryer. Immediately I can see that the colour is darker and fresher looking, as you can see from the pictures (oops these are on Ciao) well my hair was slightly lighter to begin with and I had those tell tale greys that needed covering. The light shining on my locks brought out the spicy redish tones with this particular hair dye and upon close inspection it was clear that full coverage had been achieved and best of all - silky smooth locks and not a grey hair in sight so in my eyes the 10 minute makeover was successful and not nearly as time consuming as I had found it to be in the past.

          ***My overall opinion***

          I have to admit - going into it I was a bit dubious. Could you actually get the same colour coverage results with a 10 minute hair dye compared with a 45 minutes? I've read both positive and negative reviews on this product so wasn't quite sure what to expect, but, it's like everything else; what is suitable for one person or indeed one hair type might not be suitable for another.

          Could you actually get the same colour coverage results with a 10 minute hair dye compared with a 45 minutes? I was both surprised and impressed with the result, it was quick, it was easy to prepare and apply, and the colour result was as vibrant and colourful as I could have hoped for. Instead of paying £70 at the hairdresser, I got a do it yourself kit for £5 and think the result is just as good. Would I recommend the product? Absolutely, L'Oreal gets the thumbs up from me.


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            08.07.2010 22:23



            My hair grows really fast and I was fed up every 2 weeks with having grey roots showing. The time taken to apply my old dye was around 40 minutes, it would drip and stain my skin. Excell 10 was fabulous - I used brown black and the cover was brilliant. No sooner had I applied it then I was taking it off! Wonderful grey coverage, no dyed scalp, or stained skin etc and means I will be able to apply every two to three weeks rather than get depressed at having grey roots because I couldn't be bothered to spend hours dying my hair! Wish I had found this product as soon as it came out


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            08.07.2010 13:38
            Very helpful



            Really easy to use and works in only 10 minutes

            L'oreal Excel 10

            I love getting my hair done but sometimes I just don't have the pennies to get it professionally coloured. Last time I got my hair professionally coloured it cost me £65 and although it looked fantastic I can't afford to do that too many times throughout the year. I decided to get a home dye kit, which I have used many times before. When I was browsing the shelves I noticed L'oreal excel 10, it was really the development time of 10 minutes that caught my eye. Whether at home or in the salon I hate sitting with hair dye on my head and thought that if this did work and needed only 10 minutes then I was on to a winner.

            --The basics of using this--

            If you haven't used home hair dye before then always read the instructions, even if you are an old pro I think it's always best to have a quick read. For this L'Oreal Excel hair dye they provide two different applicators, which gives you the choice of the best method for you, the choices are the easy colour comb or precision tip applicator. I used the easy colour comb, it's the first time I have ever used anything other than the tip applicator, and I liked it. It made applying the colour really easy, I didn't use it on the ends of my hair, after I had got good coverage on the roots I squirted the dye onto my gloved hands (latex gloves also provided) and then applied it over the remaining hair trying to bunch it altogether.

            The dye only takes 10 minutes to activate and colour so pretty much as soon as you have it on it is time to take it off. It was really nice not having to sit around and wait 40 odd minutes with a horrible smelling horrible feeling dye all over your head. The 10 minutes developing time really is something I love about this product.

            Rinsing it off is really easy and I always wash my hair and then use the conditioning balm that is provided. The conditioning balm is lovely, it's really thick and rich. There is enough of it to get a few uses from it, which is nice because it is better than some of the hair masks I have tried.

            --So what's the colour like?--

            I think that the colour came out really nice but it was a tad darker than I expected. I chose the Dark frosted blonde which didn't look blonde but more like a golden brown and it turned out to be a shade or maybe two shades darker than golden brown. I did have a look at the Boot's website and having a quick read through the reviews of this product there are a lot of people who haven't been happy with the colour and when they've been attempting to dye their hair a darker shade of brown it has come out as black. So if you do decide to try this I would think about getting a slightly lighter shade, I really like the one I choose but it is darker than advertised.

            --The cost--

            It is retailing typically for £7.99 but if you hurry it is on offer at Boots at the moment and you can try this for £5.99. It really is a bargain when you consider how expensive it is to get your hair done these days. I'm really pleased with my finished results.

            --My overall opinion--

            I am going to give this a cautious four out of five, the colour didn't turn out as it was advertised but I was lucky that regardless of this I really like the colour. Be warned that this may happen and if you don't want a darker shade than advertised it is maybe worth getting a different dye or going for a lighter shade than you would normally.

            I would recommend this product to other people, but of course follow the instructions and safety instructions of doing a skin test 48 hours before you try it on your hair. There is always the possibility that things may go hideously wrong with hair dye especially without an expert on hand but I found this really easy to use and it has left my hair feeling fine and undamaged.


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              26.05.2010 16:52
              Very helpful



              I cant believe this product made it through testing stages. Complete rubbish.

              Ok, I'm getting up there now and dye my hair at home to colour the grays. I've used a variety of brands and always thought Loreal was a good product. Since I have two young children, the fact that this dye would take less time seemed great. I got the dye on a two for 1 special and gave it a go. Its was £8.98, but of course that was for the two bottles. Of course since it didnt work, the first bottle was as useless as the second.

              The first time I used the dye I left it on, the ten minutes as required, washed and when my hair dryed there was absolutely no difference from before I used the product except my hair seemed a bit dryer. Now I thought of just tossing the second pack in the bin, which is what I should have done. But no! I paid for it ( sorta) and was to cheap to toss it out.
              I thought if I left it longer, it might work. Well it didnt, not one shred of coverage for grays, but it did manage to dull and dry my hair. I think I would have been better off with mud!

              I'm sorry this is a really useless product and I will certainly never buy it again.


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                25.05.2010 23:28
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Dont bother wasting your 10 minutes on this!

                I had a good impression about L'oreal products until they invented this one. I had so much about the 10 minute trick and it's easy and perfect application on TV ads, I couldn't wait to buy one. When there was an offer to get this for only £4, i grabbed the opportunity.
                I colour regularly at home. I use many hair colourants, not specific to one- just buy any that is on offer. So, i thought- What could go wrong? I gave it a try. The contents in the box looked all fancy- with some comb like applicator etc. So, I read all their instructions and followed them exactly. I was expecting it to be really easy but couldn't believe how annoying it was. The comb applicator wouldn't sit in the right position on its bottle. And everytime I held it with my coloured/gloved hands, it would slip easily. Now, that mind sound as if I don't know how to apply but That's not true. I do it for myself and family members regularly. Left for 12 minutes and then i used their special conditioner too. And then was the worst part. Next day i saw in mirror and I could still see my grey hair. I don't have many greys, so it shouldn't be that tough to colour but this proved me wrong.
                Felt miserable that I was fooled by the product by its label. Not more than 3 weeks, I had to colour my hair again and this time I didn't choose the 10 minute trick!


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                  13.05.2010 18:45
                  Very helpful



                  Not recommended

                  On a recent visit to the hairdressers, the stylist tried to convince me to go back to a lighter colour. My hair is naturally a dark blonde/light brown colour, which I dye darker, but it hadn't been dyed for a couple of months and most of the dye seemed to have washed out. Having had to shell out a fortune recently on various things I couldn't really justify paying to have my hair professionally coloured so headed to boots to find some blonde dye to set off my newly cut hair.

                  Of course, when I got there I ended up chickening out, and bought a colour called 'Spiced Chocolate' a dark brown colour with a reddish shimmer! I told myself that blonde hair was too much upkeep and that there was too much chance of it going wrong - all those orangey blonde bad hair days in my teens sprung to mind!

                  I chose L'Oreal Excell 10 because I'd read some positive reviews on it, and I liked the fact that it worked in 10 minutes. Another thing that attracted me to try this particular dye is the fact that it has a comb applicator, something I've used on a couple of other dyes, and which I think tends to make the dyeing process an easier one.

                  The dye comes in a box and you get everything supplied. I remember some of the first ever dyes I used required mixing powder in a saucer with a teaspoon - none of that malarkey here! In your box you get a pair of gloves, a tube of developer cream, a tube of colourant, a bottle of 'cashmere balm' which is basically a conditioner, and two applicators - precision applicator and comb. As well as that the box doubles up as a stand for the bottle, although admittedly I didn't use it.

                  The dye is a permanent colourant so cannot be washed out, and it promises to provide 100% long lasting grey coverage.

                  Preparing the dye is really simple. Not even I could mess it up! You basically squeeze the small tube of colourant into the larger tube of developer cream, put the lid back on and shake to mix. The nozzle of the colourant tube fits nicely inside the hole in the tube of developer cream, so it's easy to mix one into the other without making a mess.

                  You should perform a strand test first to make sure that you have no allergic reaction and assuming that all goes ok, you can go ahead and dye your hair.

                  Firstly you must put on the gloves supplied. They come in a small plastic capsule and are very good quality compared to others I have used, which I always call 'plastic bag' gloves which are not only uncomfortable but make your hands sweat! These are thicker gloves, which L'Oreal describe as being of a professional quality. One thing I noticed about the gloves was that they are quite small. I have particularly small hands and I found them to be slightly tight on me, so something to bear in mind.

                  Which applicator you choose to use depends on the state of your hair. If it is already coloured you should use the precision applicator which is a long nozzle. If your hair is uncoloured, coloured a very different shade to the one you're dyeing it, or if you coloured it more than 3 months ago, you should go for the comb. Mine had not been dyed for around 3 months and as my hairdresser had repeatedly pointed out, was very faded, so I chose the comb.

                  Before starting hair should be wet but not washed and then towel dried and combed through.

                  When I came to use the comb applicator, the first thing that struck me was that it was smaller than others I'd used (Clairol Perfect 10 and Superdrug's 10 min dye) and the teeth of the comb were closer together. I didn't think that this would be a huge problem until I actually came to use it. I found that the comb didn't glide very easily through my wet hair and the teeth seemed to get stuck frequently in my hair. Also the dye flowed a bit too freely from the holes in the comb even when very little pressure was applied to the tube. This made it very difficult to distribute the dye through my hair. What I ended up doing was squeezing the dye into my (gloved) hand and then rubbing it through my hair, as it seemed the best way of applying the dye evenly.

                  As per the 'Excell 10' name, you only need to leave the dye on the hair 10 minutes. One thing I noticed during this time was that it has a lovely smell. Some dyes can understandably smell quite chemical like, so it was a change to find a nicely scented one. Once your 10 minutes is up, you simply pour a little water on the hair, lather it and then rinse out. Once the water runs clear you should apply the Cashmere Balm. This is a thick conditioner with a pearly sheen and subtle floral smell. It needs to be left on 3 minutes and then rinsed. You can keep the rest of the conditioner and use it the next few times you shampoo. I love the way this made my hair feel, it was very silky and luxurious, and this little bottle of conditioner was probably one of my favourite things about they dye.

                  When my hair was dry and I first looked at my new colour, I was a little bit shocked. It was darker than I had expected and seemed to be block colour which made it look cheap. Considering it was supposed to have a slightly reddish tone, I couldn't see this in my hair, which again was disappointing, as the shade guide on the box showed a much lighter tone for light brown hair.

                  When I washed my hair for the first time after dyeing it, I did notice that some dye appeared to wash out. This would indicate that not all of the dye had washed out the first time. There is a possibility this could be because there's no natural light in my bathroom, I don't know, but after washing again, the colour seemed to look a bit better although was still darker than I had expected.

                  Two weeks after dyeing my hair, and the colour still looks strong. My hair in general is quite shiny and thankfully the block colour effect seems to have gone and it now has a more multi tonal look, although I still cannot really see any red in it which I feel is disappointing.

                  This dye costs £7.99 from Boots which I would say is a pretty average price.

                  So, in conclusion, I think I'd have to say I was quite let down by this dye. The comb applicator was not as good as those from other ranges, and the colour was darker than expected and seemed to look quite solid, rather than having a natural, multi-tonal shine. It wasn't all bad though and I like that it's quick to use, but I don't think I'd use it again.


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                    24.04.2010 20:20
                    Very helpful



                    10 minute permanent hair colourant

                    Having found the perfect home colouring pack in Herbal Essence, Clairol in their ultimate wisdom decided to take it off the market and replace it with, well, nothing really. At least I have yet to find a 'new and improved' Herbal Essence hair colourant.

                    For the last year or more I have been desperately trying to find a colour that I like and compliments my natural hair colour, a price I liked and a product that does not smell so bad you want to run out of your own home.

                    The beauty with the Herbal Essences hair colourant was that you did not smell the nasty ammonia. What you got was a light and flowery scent that would not go up your nose and make you want to run a mile.

                    Not wanting to waste a lot of time if I had to smell the ammonia, I was looking for one of the latest 10 minute colourants. A number of companies out there offer you perfect colour hair in just 10 minutes. I had tried a company I had never heard of before, next was Clairol Nice 'n Easy's Perfect 10 when I happened to come across L'Oreal's Excell 10 on a Tesco buy-one-get-one-free promotion. I normally ignore this particular one as it's a little on the expensive side costing on average £7.99. With not much to lose and everything to gain, I ordered two packs, each a slightly different shade of dark blonde.

                    What you are supplied with is a nice shiny cardboard box with a picture what the colour of your hair will look like when it's been airbrushed and photoshopped within an inch of its life.

                    Inside the box you will find the usual, cream developer, colourant, conditioner (this time called Cashmere Balm), gloves (neatly squeezed into what looks like a clear Kinder Surprise Egg plastic container, two applicator tops, one tip applicator, one comb and of course a shiny instruction leaflet, illustration what to do and how to do it, explaining the positives as well as some of the negatives (in particular allergies to the chemicals).

                    It is best to do a strand and allergy test and the instruction leaflet tells you how to do this.

                    If you are a chancer like me, you skip this step and hope for the best and that you will not develop an overnight allergy to hair colourants.

                    So without further ado, I read the instructions and followed them to the letter (apart from the allergy test).

                    The L'Oreal Excell 10 bottle does not have a flat bottom so it's a little difficult to put down while you are applying the mixture. But the good people at L'Oreal thought about this and left a perforated area on the back of the box you can push through and the tube will sit in it quite nicely.

                    You unscrew the colourant tube and pierce the top to punch a hole in it. you will find that the tube will screw onto the developer perfectly fine and you can easily squeeze the contents of one tube into the next without spilling anything.

                    It is best to put the top back on and start shaking vigorously to mix both colourant and developer. Once finished all you need to do is decide whether you want to use the tip applicator (recommended if you want to do roots first) or the comb applicator to apply the mixture to all of your hair.

                    My roots had grown out so much that I could easily fit into the either never coloured or more than three months ago category. Plus I really like the comb attachment. This one has the mixture come out half way up the comb attachment and not at the bottom and you have to hope the comb will distribute everything correctly.

                    Before you apply the mixture, this particular colourant wants you to wet you hair but not wash, towel dry and comb it first. I have used a number of home colourants and a lot of them have to be applied to dry, unwashed hair. Make sure you read the instructions to see if you have to apply to wet or dry hair.

                    I was surprised how little mixture was actually provided. I covered my hair quite easily but then, I only have a short bob style cut with fringe, my hair barely reaching my shoulders. I used all the mixture on my hair and that is something I do not normally do. L'Oreal are very stingy with their mixture and if you have long or very thick hair you might want to use two packs to cover all your hair.

                    The beauty of Excell 10 was that it was incredibly thick consistency. At no time did it run and there was only very minimal spilling on my face. A quick wipe with a wet wipe soon sorted that out. And I didn't even bother to put the gloves on at first. I only put one on when I wanted to make sure I had distributed all the mixture evenly on my hair.

                    For the next 10 minutes I sat watching television without the fear of anything running or spilling. Of course it's not recommended to sit back and rest your head on the furniture.

                    After 10 minutes I put the gloves on, poured some warm water over my head, then started rinsing out the colourant. It did not take a long time for the water to run clear and I applied the conditioner as directed, left it on for two minutes, rinsed out again and then towel dried my hair.

                    Combing was very easy and it was a pleasure to see that all my darker coloured roots were gone, my few grey hairs were gone, too (it will not work on very grey hair) and I noticed that my hair was not just one ugly block of colour but the light shone through and it looked like it had natural high and low lights.

                    Styling was easy. The hair dried beautifully and looked stunning. There was a subtle sheen that was great. And as usual, my hair continued to change colour overnight and the next day and it was only three days later that I saw the true colour. For two days after colouring my hair continued to get a little lighter which often, if not always happens when I colour my hair.

                    The colour is still lasting and it is now slowly starting to grow out. Excell 10 is permanent hair colour so it will not wash out but has to grow out. Soon I will have to decide whether I want to re-colour the roots or let them grow out a little more and change to a different colour again.

                    While I am pretty happy with the colour, the price and everything, there are a couple of things I did not like much. Excell 10 does have a strong ammonia smell when it is on your hair at first. It is not so strong that it is annoying, plus you are only keeping the mixture on for 10 minutes, but there must be a way to get rid of this. Herbal Essences managed to do it, why can't anyone else.

                    There is not a lot of mixture if you have long hair so you will have to buy two packs to colour long or thick hair, making this rather expensive.

                    All in all I am happy to use L'Oreal again in the future but I will wait for money off offers as it is a rather expensive hair colourant.

                    Different colours and shades are available, refer to the L'Oreal website for more information and colour choices.


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                      13.04.2010 13:40
                      Very helpful
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                      Didn't suit my hair

                      I've been using home colourants for just over a year now, having become fed up with continuously paying out to have my highlights redone every six weeks. I have tried a couple of different colourants, but for the last 3/4 times have used Nice & Easy. This however takes 25 minutes so I thought I would try the Excell 10 for a change.

                      The kit contains the same elements as the majority of home dye kits. In addition this kit also contains two different types of nozzles, a precise applicator nozzle, and something that resembles a small comb. The nozzle is for doing the roots of your hair, if you colour your hair regularly, and the nozzle is for those who haven't coloured their hair in the last three months (if at all).

                      Following the instructions for coloured hair, after mixing the colourant and developer, I applied the mixture to the roots, left on for five minutes, and then applied the rest of the colourant through the lengths of my hair, leaving for a final 5 minutes.

                      After rinsing through so that the water was running clear, I applied the conditioning treatment and left it on for a couple of minutes, before rinsing that off too.

                      The results - not good really. The colour I chose was "light natural brown". The colour I got was a dark rich chestnut brown. I had checked the swatch on the side of the box before purchasing to make sure of the colour it was likely to turn on my dark blonde/light brown hair, and the result was nothing like it.

                      In addition, it is quite patchy in places. My hair is only shoulder length, and I made sure that it was saturated and evenly distributed, but there are some areas where the colour seems to have taken better than others. Also, I can see quite a few grey hairs.

                      Considering that I had followed the instructions, overall I am not impressed. However, I have used Nice & Easy's "Perfect 10" in the past, and I did find that (although the colour was better), it didn't offer the coverage I required, and didn't last very long. Maybe my hair just doesn't suit the quick "10 minute" proceedure and I will probably just return to my traditional Nice and Easy colourant in the future.


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                        05.04.2010 04:42



                        I have light blonde hair with a few white hairs and just want to cover the white hair, but most permanent colours are too strong to damage hair as designed for people with darker hair or they go a horrible dark dull false looking colour, but the baby blonde, L'oreal excell 10 was everything I wished for. It covered the white hairs and it didn't go a dark dull colour and my hair didn't feel damaged after.


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                        07.03.2010 13:18
                        Very helpful



                        Not worth the money, better products on the market

                        In my never ending quest to conquer the battle of the grey hair, I'm always on the look out for any hair dyes that promise to triumphantly beat those wiry things into glossy tresses once more. On offer in my local Semi Chem I found L'Oreal Excell 10 which promises to do just that but in as little as 10 minutes, impressive eh!

                        I chose the shade closest to my natural colour, number 5.0 which is described as natural dark brown. The claim on the box is that "in 10 minutes flat: mirror shine colour, healthy looking hair as soft as cashmere and not a grey in sight", how could I resist. Dying my hair is always time consuming, firstly as it's so long, and secondly the developing time most dyes require is anything up to 25 minutes, so the 10 minute idea was very appealing.

                        Fast forward to today, I followed the instructions contained in the accompanying leaftlet, of course I did the allergy test first, no reaction so I was good to go. Contained in the box is a tube of creme colourant which is the dye, a tube of creme developer, a bottle of cashmere balm which is the conditioner, 2 styles of applicator (one comb style and one with a regualr tip) a pair of gloves and the insturction leaflet. I wet my hair, put on the gloves, and mixed the two tubes and applied it to my hair. I timed myself exactly 10 minutes, then rinsed out the product. After the water began to run clear, I applied the conditioner to my hair for a futher 2 minutes, then rinsed again. I found it quite difficult to rinse out compared to other hair dyes I have used.

                        With my hair all wrapped up in a fluffy towel I was rather excited to see the finished results. Off to my mirror, towel taken off, and wait for it, disappointingly I could still see my grey hairs. Slightly less prominent, but sill grey non the less. My hair did not have the "mirror shine" promised on the box, and I feel as if there is a slight 'coating' of something still on my hair even though I rinsed thoroughly. My hair usually smells nice after dying it, but I'm left with a bit of a chemical smell although I used the conditioner which smells quite nice.

                        I think this is a very disappointing effort from L'Oreal, I have used the competitors 10 minute dye (Clairol Pefect 10) and found it did leave my hair soft, silky and not a grey hair in sight. I think I'll stick with Perfect 10.

                        I paid around £5.49 on offer, the regular price is around £6.99.


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                          30.12.2009 21:37
                          Very helpful



                          Best hair colour I have ever used

                          I am a natural medium brown but 6 months ago decided to go to a hairdresser and get my hair lightened to blonde. I liked it and it was a nice change although totally different!!..However couldnt afford to keep going back to the hairdressers so resorted to box colours of blonde every 3 weeks due to root problem. Obviously being natural brown, the roots were highly visible and it was a lot of upkeep. I tried to darken it by one shade but horrors went a lovely shade of green/grey. I decided to leave it as between the blonde re touch colouring every 3 weeks and then the actual lightening, my hair was fried and in such bad condition and obviously although the green colouring was somewhat coming out, i was terrified in case it went drastically wrong so left it alone for 2 weeks!! yes 2 whole weeks. Anyways after thinking about going back to my roots (natural colour) and looking at pictures of my shiny brunette hair, (prior to bleaching) I decided to ...horror of horrors do it myself again.
                          I went into my local savers and saw this excell 10 dark blonde no 7 on special for £3.99 so bought it and went home remenicing of my brunette days!!.
                          I read the instructions and did a strand test. I did it first on the green bits!..after exactly 10 mins, i washed my hair and dried it. wow it was a lovely light brown shade. It was definately NOT a dark blonde but more of brunette which I was hoping for by the shade chart on the back of the box. Now it was time to do the whole head.
                          I wet my hair as instructed, towel dried it and then applyed the mixture was was a thick muddy colour and consistency. It didnt smell bad and unlike other hair colours, it actually felt like it was moisturising my hair as it was colouring it. Exactly 10 mins later, I worked it up into a lather with warm water and then rinsed. I applied the balm conditioner which also felt great and then rinsed. The job was done and it was too late if things had went wrong!!.... I dried it and i could see the colour....It was gorgeous. My hair looked so healthy and the shine was back!! Yes after all the bleaching and dull blonde colouring, my hair had took on another life. it was revived beyond anything. I love it and my blonde days are over. I have since picked up a few more boxes of this colour and will never use anything else again. Nice n easy had killed my hair and after one application of Excell 10, my hair was back to life. soft and luxurious, Now I am not advising people to do what I did but if this colour can revive my hair perfectly then I cant fault it. This is by far the best dye i have used and I have used them all (honestly)....
                          Thank you Loreal Ecxell for my beautiful hair which everyone has commented on and cant believe how great it has worked and also the condition of my hair. Perhaps it was plain good luck, I will never know but it has saved my hair and also a big hairdressing fee so I am happy.


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                          15.09.2009 22:09
                          Very helpful



                          A great colourant and comb, avoid if you have dry hair!

                          When it comes to our hair we are all different, we all prefer different colours, especially when it comes to changing it - I am guilty of just that, wanting a different colour to what I am naturally.. That is what the miracle of hair dye is for, so we don't have to keep our natural colour - after all we can have blue hair if we really feel like it.. Not that I have but that's not the point!

                          When it comes to picking the right hair dye it really can be a total pain, never knowing whether to have a permanent or semi, highlights or full head dye - the type of home dye can be confusing in itself now - given there are a couple of different types, combs and the conventional squirty end on the dye bottle.. However this dye I picked because it has the comb and seemed like an easier way to dye!

                          ~*~ So What Is L'Oreal Excell 10? ~*~

                          As you might have guessed it is a hair dye.. As far as I know it only comes in a permanent variety, meaning that the colour you apply will grow out more obviously, than it will fade - unlike a semi permanent that fades away..

                          Excell 10 claims to work in just ten minutes covering 100% of greys, which isn't a bad claim if it actually works, it also claims to have an anti damage protection to it, optimised pH, mirror shine colour, and cashmere touch.. The cashmere touch due to the lovely cashmere balm included in the box...

                          ~*~ What's In The Box? ~*~

                          Inside the box you will find all the goodies needed to dye your hair, and a few extras depending on how you wish to dye it!

                          You get your colourant,
                          Crème developer,
                          Easy colour comb and precision applicator,
                          And finally your Cashmere balm!

                          ~*~ Safety ~*~

                          With any hair dye they suggest that you test out a patch 24 hours before you use the dye, however I've never been allergic to dye so I don't do this - but if you are trying dye for the first time its definitely recommendable, just in case you do have an allergic reaction!
                          There are a few more safety precautions they advise, about black henna users - unfortunately they cannot use this die, as you may have become allergic to dye without noticing it!
                          There are plenty of safety notices to read on the instructions so give them a quick read before you start dying!

                          ~*~ Application ~*~

                          Once you have mixed up your crème and colourant and picked either the comb or precision applicator for your dye, it is time to apply...

                          This dye oddly enough needs to be applied to wet, but not washed hair - strangely as I think every dye I've had the instruction has been to apply to dry hair - but still instructions are usually there for your benefit.. It suggests that you towel dry your hair thoroughly.. (At the time I wondered why bother wetting it then but hey!)

                          There are two different application types depending on what type of hair you are applying to..

                          Hair that has been dyed in the last 3 months -
                          Use the precision applicator and apply to the roots and leave to develop for five minutes.. During the five minutes it is advised that you then change to the comb applicator, and then comb the rest of the mixture through your hair - to ensure all the lengths and the end of the hair are covered.. Massage the colour in and leave to develop for five minutes..

                          Then wash out..

                          Hair that hasn't been dyed in the last 3 months -
                          The method I used was the all over your hair method given I hadn't dyed my hair in a long time, as every time I do, my hairdresser gets mad with me for using permanent dyes, this time I'm pleading innocence as I hadn't read the box before I bought it - ooops!

                          So as I had mixed up my colourant and attached the comb applicatior to my tube, I parted my hair into manageable sections and began to apply the colour to the sections using the comb, which was just as easy as I expected because all you do is squeeze at the top of a strand of hair and brush it through once on the roots and you have nice even coverage - they suggest as you do this to massage the colour in so it is evenly spread..
                          I then left it to develop for 10 minutes - which is quite good as 10 minutes is like half the time of a normal dye that I would use..

                          It also gave me time to clean up the little mess I had made on the surface with a damp cloth, its so easily removed and you cannot tell it is there - similarly if you get it on your face!

                          After the ten minutes I went to the shower and began to wash the colour out, which doesn't take very long at all on my shoulder length hair, however it did leave a nice mess in the bath - which also just washes away with a quick spray of the shower head!

                          It is then suggested that you use the cashmere balm on your hair for two minutes to condition the newly dyed hair, then wash out and style as normal..

                          ~*~ My Opinion ~*~

                          Well I will start off here by just mentioning I bought the dark frosted blonde dye (number 7.13) to go on my light brown hair, and having looked at the box it seemed that it would go a nice lighter brown colour if not a tiny bit blonder. However after applying correctly I noticed that a patch of my forehead where I had managed to get a bit of dye had gone a bit brown, I worried - reassuring myself it was just on skin I carried on applying the colour and left it to develop..

                          The issue came when I washed it out - my hair was darker! I left the dye on for the appropriate amount of time and applied liberally enough to colour but not too much that it was dripping off me, so I was confused.. However that could have been something along the manufacturing process, either that or my hair is just weird.. Either way my hair is now a milk chocolate colour - I am not complaining I like the colour, just not what I expected!

                          After using the hair dye my hair was easy to run my fingers through without any knots as I sometimes get when I dye my hair, then I used the cashmere balm, which looks like a shimmering crème for your hair.. This stuff is amazing it makes your hair silky and soft, it is amazing giving your hair an impossibly nice shine to it.. I like it so much I would pay for this balm separately!

                          However L'Oreal claim that this hair dye is anti - breakage, however I can't agreed, having had my hair cut only a few weeks ago, and given that no new split ends had formed since then, despite having very dry ends.. Leaving my hair to dry naturally then taking a look at my ends, I saw a lot of splits had occurred from using it, so that is why I am not going to be using it again, as the anti-breakage doesn't work for me..

                          Think its back to semi-permanents for me and my mousy brown hair...

                          (Unless someone brings out an amazing permanent dye!)

                          ~*~ Price and Availability ~*~

                          Well this hair dye can be found in most cosmetic stores, from Boots to Savers and even in the supermarkets - which is where I bought mine..
                          Prices range from £5 to £8, however if you are looking to buy it now, pop down to asda as it is £5 a box, saving you around £3!!


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