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Hints and Tips for Household Cleaning

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    79 Reviews
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      30.01.2014 19:02



      I have found that Freshana Cleaning Solutions works wonders on stainless steel! Stainless steel can be a real bear to clean sometimes. Never seems to clean right or it streaks or there's always something left behind with other cleaners. Not only that but it's also organic and natural and safe to use around my kids and our little dog. That's a huge bonus of course but the price is right too. Usually organic is more expensive but this is priced right. Anyways, I highly recommend it for hitting that stainless steel and shining the kitchen up nice! There's no crazy odors. (the smells in some products give me such a headache and tend to fire up the allergies.) Love it!


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      01.06.2012 04:56
      Very helpful



      Start cleaning now!

      I have to admit that I am not the person-in-charge of the household cleaning at home (my mother is in charge) but I do like to read about books on various housing cleaning methods (the Japanese are superb in writing books on these!) Here are a few tips that I have gathered so far on household cleaning (which I have tried myself and found that they worked!):

      1. Cleaning the windows
      You don't need a window cleaner. All you need is an old tower and some old newspaper. First, you wipe the window using the wet towel. Then, you just wipe the window again using the old newspaper. You will then find your window very clean! It's that easy! and your can use up the old towels and old newspaper at home. Isn't it a good idea for clearing the clutter at home and save a few bucks on window cleaner?

      2. Cleaning your water tap
      The water tap will often look dull after some time. In that case, you can take out your old toothbrush and old toothpaste. Brush your water tap like you brush your teeth. It will be clean and shiny again!

      3. Removing the bad scent from your fridge
      Put the orange skin that you peeled off while eating oranges into the fridge and you will find that the bad scent is gone! Throw the orange skins away when they become dry.

      4. Washing clothes with white vinegar
      White vinegar does a magic in removing the not-so-fresh smell in the clothes. All you need to do is to put a spoon of white vinegar before you start your washing machine and it will reduce the smell!

      I hope that you will find the above useful in your daily household cleaning!


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        22.02.2012 13:01
        Very helpful



        Sun is coming!

        Women dust, men don't, simple as! This is the fundamental difference between the two sexes. Women never let things settle on Venus where as men are quite happy to let things be on Mars. Men are happy for dust to go up in the air and come down again. Like atomic matter, you can't get rid of it what ever you do. Why chase it around the house with a cloth? It is the vapour trail of everything that has ever existed, including insect poo, human skin and tobacco. Yuk!

        No, the more fundamental question is do women enjoy spending money on useless clutter just so they have something to dust, most of which goes flying off the mantle piece when they dust. All the men reading this have heard that big bang when the iron hits the deck or that vase her mom bought you is in three thousands tiny pieces. When the female of the species breaks an ornament whilst cleaning or tidying it's an accident, of course, but woe betide the man who does it, clumsy oath time.

        Whilst women are magpies the men are more practical beings and only retain stuff that is involved in DIY and fixing things to save on repair bills so less buying of new household items to come, and so money for a nice holiday for the misses and kids. But women just like to shop and prefer to buy new things, which means a trip to the shops. I remember my mum buying a brand new bathroom suit after her sister made a comment about it looking tired. Men only do things around the house when they need doing, not before or after. We have no problems with a big pile of laundry or ironing without fretting. Its not that we are leaving it for the women to do or anything but we do enough of it when we need to. It's a good system. You see I fundamentally believe all women are control freaks and so that involves needing to do the housework, claiming their territory. When I go around me mums and she has something on her mind the Hoover is always raging or dust needs dusting. Cleaning is a therapy for women in the way sport is for men. Few marriages would last if the guy did all the housework. The kitchen and the like is their marked out territory like the way cats wee to claim their bit of the alley and the men of the house should no best not to fill the dishwasher in the wrong order when she is in a mood. Even if we used a spirit level in that dishwasher you can guarantee all the round plates are in the wrong order and the wrong way around. Chicks, huh! Ninety percent of husbands that are killed in domestics die in the kitchen. Men do and own the garden in a relationship purely because it's the furthest place we own away from the women. Allotment plots and walking the dogs save a lot of marriages.

        The spring clean is really about looking forward to the summer as that's when we are most happy. The delight of the season is that warm sun on your face in a sheltered corner, the pink blossom racing out to freedom and that snowstorm that follows and falling on young lovers below, new romance also one of Springs promises. As the temperature goes up so does the hemline. People are happier as the garden chairs come out of the shed and shorts are purchased in the sales, knobbly knees and cellulite everywhere. Humans need to get that air and sunlight into the house after a long winter of worrying about gas bills and creaking central heating that's ready to fold. 'Summertime and the living is easy.....' as the song goes. The water companies down south have already decided it's going to be long hot summer by warning of drought because their reservoirs are empty but neglect to tell us they have sold 50% of their reservoirs in the last 40 years for housing and farming development. The water is still there but they claim they can't afford to clean it if they keep those reservoirs.

        The biggest treat in the garden is to have the big bonny. At my mums house we have huge pine trees and when we were kids our dad used to get all the fallen winter branches and garden rubbish and build a huge fire. Once once it was crackling and popping away we would rake up the pine needles and fling them on top, producing this spectacularly thick green and brown smoke that would waft over all the other gardens like tear gas in the Middle East.

        But humans are not the only things waking up in March. A man was bitten by a False Widow spider last week, Britain's most venomous beast, one notch down from his cousin the Black Widow. It fell down this chaps neck off a pot plant in a garden centre, biting his way free with ten nips, causing dizziness, swelling and projectile vomiting in the Flymo section. Global warming and immigration is bringing some new creatures to this green and pleasant land guys, flocks of parrots now openly living in the parched trees of Kent and Scorpions colonies spotted in Cornwall. Let's hope the Black Widow doesn't invite over anymore of his relatives.


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          19.02.2012 22:00
          Very helpful



          How to have a good spring clean.

          My top ten tips:
          1. Work from the inside out and the top down wards.

          2. Do a cupboard or a drawer at a time. Take everything out, clean the drawer/cupboard. Inspect everything in the drawer/cupboard to see if it needs cleaning/washing. If you are sorting a clothes drawer then ask yourself,' 'Have I worn this in the last year?' if the answer is 'No' then it can probably go to a new home. If it is something from the kitchen the same question can be rephrased to, 'When did I last use this?' 'Do I really need it?' if not then time to move it on. This part of the Spring clean can take the longest time. In the kitchen I can take a few days over this and in my bedroom then about a week.

          3. Put all the unneeded things in bags washed and ready to recycle. You can sell any good items on Ebay, take them to a charity shop or freecycle them to others who might want them locally.

          4. Once you have sorted your drawers and cupboards you can move on to the next stage. Starting at the top, dust all of those pesky cobwebs that seem to spring up daily. If you have cornices around your wall tops then these need to be cleaned just like skirting boards but higher up. This is when you need to check if any repairs are needed and touching up of paint.

          5. Take all pictures and things on your walls down. They will all need attention, the frames wiped down and the glass cleaned, cobwebs removed from the back and the hanging method checked. You need to check the string hasn't gone funny or the attachments come loose. Behind these the wall will be marked so you need to clean the walls where they have been.

          6. Move all the furniture that doesn't get moved usually. The bed, the sofas and wardrobes, sets of drawers all those heavy items. Often it is best to move the sets of drawers when you take the drawers out for sorting as it makes them lighter. Vacuum where they have been before putting them back and check the walls behind are clean too.

          7. Take down the curtains and either wash and iron or dry clean or if that is not needed then steam them and spray with febreeze or similar. At the same time clean the curtain rail. If you have blinds then a similar procedure can be undertaken.

          8. At the same time as wall you can do windows. If like me you have wooden window frames these need to be really carefully cleaned as they get mouldy close to the glass and I do mine with a toothbrush and bleach and finally into the corners I use a cotton bud with bleach on. Then you clean the glass inside and sadly you now need to go outside too so hopefully it won't be raining. If it is then you could leave the outside for another day!

          9. At this stage you need to check any marks on the walls, especially if you have children and wipe these off. Skirting boards now need to be wiped thoroughly. That takes care of the walls.

          10. Final steps are to vacuum the carpet or wash the floor and the clean the surfaces, polish or wipe all the surfaces. Everything needs to come off them first. I usually wash my ornaments in wash soapy water then dry them or leave them to dry naturally. When all surfaces are clean then the ornaments and things can be put back or different ones put there for a change.

          Well there you have my top ten tips for a thorough Spring Clean. At each stage you need to ensure you have the equipment you need ready, sponges, clothes, toothbrush, vacuum or whatever. You do NOT need to have the vacuum cleaner there when you cleaning the walls it just gets in the way. Just have what you need then get rid of that equipment and get the next things you need. Work systematically and only have what you need in the room to minimise clutter.

          Don't try and do too much at the same time as it doesn't have to be all done in one day. Remember that if you do one thing each day it won't seem too monumental a job. It can be overwhelming to think of doing a room in a day so split the task up into smaller stages. You could do each of the numbered steps each day or stage one might take a couple of days whereas steps 5, 6 and 7 could be done on another.

          I find that if I break up the task it isn't so over whelming. I challenge myself to do a specific number of things and get them done with time for a break in the morning, allow myself a treat for lunch and the afternoon I start on another specific challenge. At the end of the day I feel I have achieved something and will be ready to continue the next day if necessary.

          Spring is on its way so get ready for the big clean. Step two can be undertaken before all the others as can step three and then you will be ready for the cleaning stages when you can fling open the windows and let in the fresh air.

          Thanks for reading. This may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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            16.12.2009 02:26
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            I enjoy looking for diffrent ways to clean and osme other proberbly do too so here are some tips

            I recall concentrating on an episode of How clean is your house, where they used vodka to eliminate some odours, and since then i have been collecting tips on how to clean things with vodka as it seems to be the one thing i am guaranteed to win in a raffle or get as a present even though lots of my friends know i do not like this tipple , So i thought i would share a few with you

            Some women like to enjoy a little tipple while getting ready to go out for a night on the town so if you have any neat vodka handy after applying hairspray this will remove that sticky residue left on mirrors and glasses (the kind you wear).

            Maybe if your feet are sulfurous or tired after a hard days work or dancing you can make them feel all new by washing you feet in the vodka.

            This is my best one that i have found , and if you have children this will or could turn out to be a life saver, especially little girls, If you or a child comes in with chewing gum stuck in the hair then do not be reaching for the scissors rub vodka on to it it will work loose , it may appear messy but once the vodka has impregnated it.
            It will not stick anywhere else, its goes for if you have sat in it or it has been trod in to a carpet , this has helped me loads with my children , i do have a standing rule that no chewing gum allowed in my house but now and again it has been walked in to the house without knowledge of it being on their shoe, like i said i swear by this tip so much i would lay my life on it.

            Or if you prefer after a night out adding two table spoons of vodka to your shampoo will leave hair feeling fantastic, seriously it will as it cleans the scalp really well gets rid of toxins and help stimulate hair growth, and has been good to act as a repelent for those pesky headlice.

            Are your curtains smelling pongy then add some vodka to a spray bottle and spray them this is a great way to get rid of tobacco smells and that musty smell especially if you have been away for a couple of weeks it saves taking them down and messing about it works well on carpets and suites too but i always add a few drops of scented oil to that too especially orange as this is great for getting rid of tobacco smells.

            Using vodka with a cotton bud will help clean , records, cd's and dvd's.
            And using it neat on mosquito bits will get rid of the udge to itch at it too.

            Vodka is also great to prevent the blades on razors rusting again use it neat and using a cotton bud wipe it over the blades.

            Adding two teaspoons along with some sugar to the water of fresh flowers will help them stay fresh longer too, i used to use the lemonade tip for doing this but found the vodka one works a lot better getting me an extra few days.

            If you have an hairbrush or toothbrush that you like to keep in tip top condition then soaking it in vodka and warm water for 10 minutes will give it a new lease of life , i have found that with them brushes with the bristles this is really good as it gets rid of the build up of hair spray.

            Like i said there are lots of cleaning tips out there using vodka and are easily found on the Internet these are just a few i can recall of the top of my head but there are many more as Vodka is a great disinfectant, Now do not think you have to spend loads out on this , i find that buying the cheapest vodka from Aldi for £6.00 has worked just aswell as the others so there is no need to break the bank, but there again you might enjoy it as a drink too so what better way to get on with cleaning than to pour yourself a nice stiff one after?

            And another thing to be sure about is that cleaning with Vodka is good for those whom have asthma or pets it is not harmful and will not clog up the ozone.

            I know some might not like the way i use vodka and think it is a sin to waste good drink on cleaning but it really is good try some and let me know how you got on with them too , or if you know of any please tell me , I'd love to hear them new tips always come in handy.


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              18.11.2009 21:02
              Very helpful



              tidy house tidy mind

              Cleaning tips

              OK so im not the worlds tidiest person but I like to keep my house in a way that
              If someone randomly knocks on my door it's presentable to the eye.
              Some of my favourite tips have been passed down from my mother, grandmother and great grandmother (and at 97 still Hoovers everyday!)

              Tip one ~
              Baking soda is not just great for cakes but your carpet too! I always sprinkle a fine layer about an hour before I hoover as this work as a deodorizer sucking up all the bad smells pets, kids and husbands leave behind.
              It also works great if you sprinkle a fine layer into your pongy shoes lifting away any nasties.
              And you can use it as a safe alternative to house hold cleaners with a dam cloth and a sprinkle will bring up any greasy stained over top up a treat.
              As for unwanted insects around ants etc just leave a small dusting around backs of cupboards or skirting boards and your problems will be solved.

              Tip two ~

              Car window cleaner which you pour into the tank (you can get two litres in pound land for a quid!!!) after you have filled up the car leave a small bit put it in a squirt bottle and hay presto a hard wearing cleaner for the house windows.

              Tip 3~

              If your Pyrex casserole dish is looking a bit grim just fill with warm water and pop in a denture cleaning tablet give it a few hours and it will be as good as new.

              Tip 4 ~

              If glass gets broken in the house don't spend ages trying to pick up each shard by hand.
              Place an old sock round the hose of the hoover and tie with a hair band it sucks it all up.

              Tip 5~

              This is the laziest thing I do when it comes to cleaning. If im lacking in time I use a few ofmy sons wet wipes to dust around the room it brings everything up a treat even the leather sofa.

              Tip 6 ~
              If you get a spill in the oven whilst cooking, just rember before the oven cools down pour sum table salt on to the offending food and when the oven is cool it will wipe away with no fuss.

              Tip 7 ~
              Pop your dishcloths and sponges in the dishwasher to get them nice and clean again , they never have chance to dry out completely which can lead to a bacteria build up. YUK

              Tip 8~
              If your kids leave nice dirty ring marks around there school shirts you can rub a bit of shampoo into them and wash normally it will bring them up a treat (thanks mum)

              Well that's just a few of my house hold tip hope they are useful to someone and haven't be repeated on to many reviews. If you need any more information on any of them then so message me and I will get back to you a.s.a.p
              Thanks for reading P x


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                05.11.2009 15:23
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                My vice. I would love to be kim or aggie!!!

                Ok I have to admit that I am a royal pain in the backside. Ask my husband he will tell you that although I am obviously fab (lol) I am certainly a nightmare to live with. It is the subject of quite a lot of our arguments and yet to me it is addictive and I cannot help myself. What I hear you ask is the problem the answer my friends is I AM ADDICTED TO CLEANING!!!!!
                Not one day goes by when I do not clean. I know some people may think this is sad but and I suppose to some degree it is but I love it. The satisfaction I get when I see the windows gleaming and the sun bouncing off the sheen on my wooden floor to me is like a drug. I cannot stand one thing being out of place around my home. I can not relax if I know there are dishes in the sink. And I could never Leave the house if the beds weren't made. I have two children and they have grown up with this and most of the time they are really good when it comes to being tidy. I think that it has instilled in them pride in their home and will hopefully make them be more tidy when they have a home of their own. Dont get me wrong my children are allowed to play they are not made to sit in uniforms neatly on the settee its just they know that they can bring one toy out at a time and have to put it back neatly. Perhaps you may not agree with my view and think children should be allowed to make a mess but I simply think that it teaches them to have respect for the home they live in.
                After all this cleaning I have got some fab tips to share with you. here we go......

                Don't throw away old toothbrushes, They are an excellent cleaning tool. I use them to clean behind the hard to reach areas behind the taps. They will easily get into all the nooks and cranny's leaving your taps as clean as a whistle.

                Buy some cotton buds. these are excellent for keeping the grouting on your tiles fresh and white. I spray the bud with bleach and then run the bud in between the tiles to make the white of the grouting shine.

                Do a little bit of cleaning daily as this will then keep the mess down to a minimum, If you don't clean for days on end then you will be faced with a big mess that may feel overwhelming. So do a bit everyday even if its just dusting one day then hoovering the next.

                Put music on when your cleaning. This always makes the cleaning experience more enjoyable for me. I always pick a cd that I can have a real good sing along too. I turn it up loud and I find it gives me that little bit more energy,

                Have good sort outs every couple of months. I use the rule if we havent used it or worn it for 6 months then it goes for recycling. This way it cuts down on clutter. Obviously I dont throw the kids toys away but they are also encouraged before christmas each year to have a sort out of the old things that they may not play with anymore.

                If you ever burn the bottom of your saucepan and the food is just burned and glued to the bottom of the pan. Dont throw the pan away use this it really does work. Pour the contents of a bottle of coca cola into the pan, put it on a low heat and constantly stir, leave the coke come to the boil and then leave it simmer for 5-10 minutes. Your pan will be as good as new!!

                Use scents and candles to create a lovely aroma to your house. There is nothing nicer than going into the room and smelling a light and refreshing smell. I use asda vanilla room spray it is gorgeous but my husband jokes that I drink it because I go through so much!!

                I prefer to use kitchen towel to dusters. I think that the kitchen towel absorbs moisture better. Kitchen towels are great for doing the windows.

                Be organised and have a place to keep everything. that way it takes half the time to clean up. Also it saves so much time when you are looking for something. Also you wont have to pull everything out to look for a particular item and end up making more mess!!
                I appreciate that I may come across as a saddo to some people. But some people like going to bingo, going for a drink I prefer hoovering the stairs or colour coordinating the flowers I buy to match the decor of a particular room. And if this makes me sad then I guess I am. One thing is for certain though every one that comes to my house is given the best of welcome I would never for one second stand over someone with a duster waiting for a crumb from their biccie to fall. And if they tip something over it doesnt really bother me I will wait till they leave and then clean it all up again.


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                  27.10.2009 10:01
                  Very helpful



                  make it fun

                  I love a clean house there is something calming about a de cluttered lemony smelling home.

                  I would however love the cleaning fairies to do it whist I sleep unfourtenally it falls to me and on rare occasions my husband has a mad moment when the mess gets so bad t
                  hat he actually notices it!!

                  So as we cannot afford a cleaning lady and that the children constantly make a mess and yet it is impossible to clean with children helping! here are my top tips on trying to maintain a sense of order.

                  Firstly try to do as much as is possible once children are in bed or before they are up.

                  1) A place for everything and everything in its place. I have invested in plastic storage boxes with lids and have sorted the toys into there own boxes i.e music toys in one, dolls in another so instead of lots of toys strewn evrywhere only one box at a time.

                  2) Prioritse cleaning whilst you have children is like walking around in circles I clean the bathroom as I go in for my shower

                  3) My children get bored if I spend too long cleaning so we have a timer when the timer goes we do something fun because they know this more gets done and they will do there jobs possibly not brilliantally but they do it!

                  4) Routine however boring a routine means that you get things done more efficiantally a good one is start at the top and work down

                  I have two children 4& 2 who do help a bit and throughly ejoy the hoover dance are great at polishing and will do mop karoke all good fun and the chores get done , but it is important to remember that toys will apear almost as soon as you have cleared them away , your children will be gone before you know it and then you can have a tidy house but in the mean time head for the park!

                  So in Summary

                  1) make it fun

                  2) set a time limit

                  3) have a routine

                  4) try and organise if everything has a home then its quicker

                  5) do as much without the kids as is possible

                  6) be time savvy ( I clean the bath and shower whilst I am in the shower)

                  7) get the children to help and have chores ( my 2 year old is the cleanest)

                  8) work from top to bottom it is quyicker )

                  9) relax a litle

                  Stop reading and get on with the cleaning!!


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                    11.10.2009 21:39
                    Very helpful



                    it has to be done, so follow a plan

                    l cant stand housework,l wish l was a domestic goddess ,but l just want to spend my valuable time doing so many other things.As it has to be done, l make it as organzied as l can to get it out of the way,so heres my hints and tips l do,to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.

                    l used to work for a cleaning contractor many years ago and they trained us to spend only a certain time cleaning each room.They had worked out a type of time and motion plan and it did work.

                    So using that same method, my weekly housework is planned the same way.l only spend a certain amount of time cleaning each room,when that time is up,l move on to the nk room.

                    l make sure l have a container l can carry with me that has the following,plus my vac

                    *Home made apron with large pocket
                    For bedroom,hall and living room cleaning....
                    *old rag cleaning cloths & cleaning sprays(home made)
                    *recycled plastic bags for bin bags and rubbish
                    *polish & window spray(home made) and old cloths
                    For kitchen cleaning....
                    *bicarb of soda for oven cleaning,swing bin bags,old cloths for floor cleaning.anitbactiral sprays.
                    Bathroom and Toilet cleaning....
                    *old cloths for cleaning,rubber gloves & bic of soda for toilet cleanng,home made antibactiral spray cleaner for bath/shower cleaing,old toothbrush for tap cleaning.extra spare loo rolls and toilet blocks.

                    As l have 9 rooms,ie 3 bedrooms, toilet,bathroom,kitchen,2 halls and livingroom,l spend maximum 15mins cleaning each room,working around clockwise.when 15mins up,l move on to the nk room.
                    Yes,at first l did keep looking at my watch, but now l dont need too as l just follow a set routine.
                    By doing it this way,you do not keep going backwards and forwards cleaning which will waste time.
                    You clean & tidy as you go around the room,once.l also open windows in each room l clean, as l dont like to use commercial air-freshners.
                    When lv done this l vac (or mop)
                    As lm disabled l spend l hr 15mins up stairs cleaning then l rest for l hr,then l spend l hr cleaning down stairs.

                    So my total house cleaning is 2 hrs 15mins ,which l do 3 times a week,Monday,Wednesday and Fridays.
                    Of course my kitchen and toilets are cleaned daily.
                    l use disposable antibactiral cloths for these quick cleans.

                    l try my best to follow this routine as it helps me keep my house organzied,but if lm ill or visitors come, l dont fret, as l know it will be done another day.

                    My spring cleaning l break into a monthly routine, as l like to keep April free for my seed sowing and December free as busy cooking & family visiting.
                    l do deep clean of each room spread over a month as its easier for me to keep on top of things ie getting hubby decorating that room if it needs doing,sorting out clutter,cleaning cupboards and drawers etc etc.
                    l follow a plan this way....

                    Jan...Kitchen(after xmas it always need a good clean lol)
                    June..bedroom 1
                    July..bedroom 2
                    Aug..bedroom 3
                    Sept..Living room
                    October..tidy garden after veg growing
                    Nov.. get Guest rooms ready
                    Dec..Store cupboard shopping/cooking etc.

                    As my routine is from a disabled point of view, lm sure though others will find some useful tips here to save time house cleaning.

                    Just remember, clean as you go around a room once.When you have done that shut the door and forget it,
                    and as mother always said,If it doesnt get done that day,well its not the end of the world,it can be done another day.


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                      31.05.2009 11:32
                      Very helpful



                      Another reason to love the sun.

                      I'm far from a domestic goddess, more of a lick and a promise kind of girl when it comes to household chores. However I have do I have a secret weapon when it comes to removing stains from clothing. Having just put it to the test again this morning, I thought I'd share with anyone who hasn't yet discovered this natural and completely free stain removal method.

                      I discovered this way of banishing stains four years ago now, when weaning my 6 month old daughter. Anyone who has experience of this stage will know that aswell as the fun and excitement of trying out new foods, comes a disgusting pile of once beautiful baby whites stained with orange and red food.

                      Most manufactured baby food is orange, and kids of all ages love beans, spaghetti, orange juices and ice lollies. But these foods are the bane of the washing basket. Trying different and expensive stain removers had either no effect at all, or faded the mark but never completely removed it. I found soaking bibs and whites in milton worked pretty well, but this also had it's drawbacks. Firstly it stinks. Secondly it will fade any coloured materials, and if you don't get the dosage right, bleach them white. A beautiful baby pink summer dress stained with carrot mash was reduced to a bleached tie dyed rag on one occasion.

                      But then I noticed something strange. I loved to hang my daughters baby clothes on the line, there's nothing nicer than seeing those bright little outfits blowing in the sun. Bringing them in to iron one hot summers day, I noticed a white top that had a definite dingy orange circle round the neck when I put it out, was now squeaky clean and dazzling white all over. S o what had happened?

                      The only explanation I could come up with was the sun. So the next day I put it to the test and hung all the bibs out, directly facing the sun light. And it worked, by evening the stains where banished and the bibs as good as new.

                      Now some of you may have already discovered this natural and free stain remover, so apologies to those. But it does seem that a lot of people don't know, and I have passed my top tip onto many, who have all been amazed and pleased with it's success. This morning I hung my daughters white dress she wore to a B-B-Q yesterday, and got bright orange Calypso lolly down the front. Despite putting it in the washing machine last night, the stain was very much still there this morning. 2 hours in direct sunlight and it's gone.

                      There are some down sides to this method. It won't work on every stain, grass and ink for instance won't be budged by the sun. But any-one with kids will pleased to know that any red or orange stain, blackcurrant juice and chocolate stains are easily banished. It's also not going to irritate sensitive skins like some washing powders or stain removers can. What's more natural than the sun? And there's nothing more environmentally friendly.

                      Second negative is it won't work in winter. It needs to be a clear sky, when the sun is hot and bright with the stain directly facing the sun. I have put dry clothes on the line, however, and it has worked equally well. So you can put things aside for a sunny day, all is not lost.

                      While my stain removal is far from scientific, and without it's flaws, I'm chuffed I discovered this. Kids clothes I once would have given up on have been given a new lease of life.

                      Hopefully, if the experts are correct, we are going to blessed with a blue sky'd sunny summer. Leave the Vanish on the shelf and give this a go!

                      I hope this might be useful to some-one out there x


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                        13.03.2009 23:03
                        Very helpful



                        Improve your health by green cleaning today!

                        Green Cleaning - the way forward!

                        I began "green" cleaning just over a year ago after my son was diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivity. The consultant told us that as well as altering his diet to avoid unwanted chemicals, we should also change our cleaning methods. So I did as I was told and invested in a green cleaning book and did some research on the internet...............................................

                        A lot of chemicals used in our everyday cleaning materials are toxic and thus harmful to our health as well as the environment. Also by purchasing different products for different uses, it can work out expensive. Green cleaning aims to use only a few natural products, thus should save you money and benefit your health. Coincidence or not - my sons health has improved, as has mine ( I have asthma ).

                        Although it is more time consuming making up your own natural products, I personally believe it is worth the extra work.

                        Here are some of my favourite suggestions:

                        - Floors ( lino and laminate) - mix 4 litres of water with 1/2 cup white vinegar in a bucket, then mop as usual.

                        - Kettles - remove limescale by filling the kettle with water and adding 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Leave overnight, then rinse.

                        - Polishing Shoes - mix a 1/4 cup of olive oil with a squirt of lemon juice. Wipe on shoes with a cloth, then buff.

                        - Drains - pour 1/4 cup of bicarbonate of soda down the internal drains, followed by hot water. Do this weekly to avoid them clogging.

                        - Bath / Washbasin Cleaner - mix 1/4 cup of white vinegar with 4 litres of water, and use this on a cloth to scrub them with. Following this, sprinkle on some bicarbonate of soda and scrub off with a damp cloth. Rinse well afterwards.

                        - Toilet Cleaner - pour 1/4 cup of bicarbonate of soda down the toilet, followed by a full cup of white vinegar. Leave to stand for 15-30 minutes, then clean with a toilet brush.

                        The list of suggestions is endless, so I won't list them all on here. However if you are interested, it is definately worth doing some research first.


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                          21.02.2009 13:59
                          Very helpful



                          Turn your items into useful and alternative applications

                          Here is a list of my household cleaning tips amassed over years of hard work and toil. I hope you find some of them of interest, and help to you.

                          1...Use BAKING SODA to:-
                          a) Clean a microwave oven. Apply some soda to a damp sponge, scour and rinse off.
                          b) Deodorize a carpet. Sprinkle soda lightly over a carpet, leave for about twenty minutes or so and vacuum up.
                          c) Remove stubborn, burnt-on food accumulated on surfaces. Dampen surface and apply soda to the area. Leave overnight, then scrub with a sponge, rinse and dry.
                          d) Cleansing the mouth. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to half a glass of warm water and 'swish' through the teeth for a refreshing mouthwash.
                          e) Deodorize cloth nappies. Mix half a cup of soda with four pints of water and soak the nappies in the solution for an hour or so.

                          2... Use TOOTHPASTE to:-
                          a) Remove ink stains from cloth. Apply some toothpaste to the offending stain, scrub and rinse off.
                          b) Remove small scratches on glass surfaces. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the surface and polish it in well and wipe off.
                          c) Remove awkward crayon marks on walls. Gently rub the marks with toothpaste applied to a tooth brush.
                          d) Remove marks and scuffs on shoes. Apply toothpaste to the area with a tissue, rubbing in well, then wipe off with a cloth.
                          e) Polish silver and gold items. Rub toothpaste onto the entire item, leave for 5 minutes then thoroughly rinse to bring out the full beauty and shine of your gold or silverware.

                          3... Use STICKS OF CHALK to:-
                          a) Remove stubborn grease spots. Rub chalk directly to the grease spot, allowing the chalk to 'soak up' the oil in the grease. Then brush off the chalk and wash the item as normal.
                          b) Stop tools from rusting. Keep a few sticks of chalk in the tool box, which will absorb any moisture, thus preventing corrosion.
                          c) Polish metal. Crush the chalk into a fine powder and dip a soft cloth into the chalk powder and polish the metal. Rinse and dry thoroughly afterwards.
                          d) Repel ants. Draw a circle of chalk wherever you do not want the ants as ants WILL NOT cross a 'chalk line'.
                          e) Clean dirty marks around the collar and cuffs of your shirts. Rub chalk directly onto the stain (the chalk will absorb the sebum oil that holds in the stain).

                          4... Use COFFEE to:-
                          a) Mend scratched wood. Mix a teaspoon of coffee with two teaspoons of water and apply to the scratch using cotton buds.
                          b) Repel ants. Sprinkle the coffee wherever the ants are, as ants simply hate coffee and wont go anywhere near it.
                          c) Clean a grill. Pour left over brewed coffee over the grill and wipe clean.
                          d) Deodorize the fridge. Place a bowl of coffee on the back shelf of the fridge.
                          e) Highlight brownish or reddish hair. Rinse the hair with coffee for a rich, shiny glow.

                          5... Use VASELINE PETROLEUM JELLY to:-
                          a) Prevent a car battery from eroding. Rub some Vaseline onto the car battery terminals.
                          b) Remove sticky chewing gum from the hair. Massage Vaseline into the hair and chewing gum until the gum begins to slide out.
                          c) Moisturise and soothe the skin of the face (Health Spas use this secret). Wash the face, and while still wet, rub in a small amount of Vaseline. Continue to wet the face until the Vaseline is spread evenly over the face and does not appear to be 'greasy' any more.
                          d) Repair minor stains and 'rings' on wood furniture. Cover the offending ring or stain with a thick coating of Vaseline and leave overnight. Then rub it into the wood and wipe clean and polish as normal.
                          e) Prevent caps from sticking tight on bottles. apply some Vaseline around the rim of the bottle.


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                            21.02.2009 10:43
                            Very helpful



                            Follow these tips and your cleaning will improve a lot

                            I clean on a regular basis and although I hate it, I still try to make sure I do a reasonably good job, whilst getting to the nitty gritty details of a room every month rather than every week. My first tip would be to use a hoover/vacuum cleaner instead of a brush and pan. A brush and pan is not hygienic as you are actually just pushing around the dirt and will not get all of it up anyway. The brush itself also becomes terribly dirty. You could say the same with a hoover but it does pick up the dirt through literally sucking it up, and you can quite easily give the bottom a brush to free some of that dust so it gets sucked through the pipe.

                            When it comes to cleaning windows or chrome objects, which may be in your bathroom, I would recommend using Mr Muscle Windows Cleaner. It does a superb job on windows and glass too, but also works just as well on chrome items in the bathroom such as a rubbish bin or toilet holder that you can buy for modern bathrooms.

                            Another tip is to always use a duster to reach into the ceilings of the room and get rid of any spider webs. You may not recognise them at first as they are difficult to see but most people have some spider web forming somewhere in their house - usually in corners on ceilings. I would recommend that you definitely clean under beds too, especially if there is a large enough gap to get underneath them as dirt builds up a lot here and its presence will make your room unhygienic to be in.

                            Lastly, carpets. I would recommend that if you have carpets in your house, to use the VAX carpet cleaner machine once every 2 months or so to keep your carpets in new condition. Don't they look so lovely when you just bought them? Well, use VAX and you can keep them in clean, new looking condition. You can buy your own machine or even rent it from dry cleaners too. It gives carpets an excellent wash and will leave them wet, so they will need to try but it doesn't take too long.

                            Hops this helps :)

                            Thanks for reading


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                              15.01.2009 10:37
                              Very helpful



                              All you need to know about cleaning but were too afraid to ask.

                              If I could I would subscribe to Quentin Crisp's assertion that the dust doesn't get any thicker after four years. Unfortunately, eventually I have to do something about it!

                              Here are some of my tips for household cleaning. Properly applied they can cut your cleaning time in half.

                              Warning! Before you read on, this review might contain some slightly sexist statements. Do not read if you are easily offended or an emancipated male.

                              The really, really, really most important tip!

                              Educate your other half about what dust and muck looks like.
                              For example.
                              "Do you see that soft grey film on your dressing table? Well that is called dust. It is made mostly of dead skin cells. Most of them must be yours because I exfoliate regularly and you don't."

                              Or......."Look down the toilet pan. Anything that is not white is evil muck and has to be removed with the toilet brush! No, pouring bleach onto it is not the solution. All you have then is bleached evil bits!"

                              Or......."Thank you for cleaning the crumbs off the table. That was thoughtful of you. Unfortunately they are still crumbs and are now on the carpet. That is not good! You will have to get Mr Dyson out to help you clear them up!"

                              Try breaking it down into simple tasks for him.
                              1. See the mess.
                              2. Repeat after me "Mess is nasty!"
                              3. Take responsibility for the mess.
                              4. Remove the mess.
                              5. Not to any place other than the bin!
                              6. Do not tell me that you have cleaned the toilet/dusted/washed the dishes for me. I didn't mess it up and it really won't amuse me that you think it is my job to remove your mess.

                              It's all in the training! If he doesn't understand he can't help you.

                              Alternatively you can play "Find the housemaid." This is a game for consenting adults only.

                              Dress yourself in household cleaning objects. ie dusters, polish cans, hoover bags, you might want to use brillo pads to cover your naughty bits. Let him know that you are naked underneath it all! Tell your partner he is only allowed to remove an item when he has proved that he understands and can use the previous one. This approach greatly accelerates learning.

                              Tip number two. (No pun intended!)
                              Don't allow anyone upstairs!

                              Make them use the outside loo.
                              It is much easier to clean one little outside toilet than the whole of the upstairs. It's logical isn't it? No one will see the grimy pit you are living in if you don't allow them access.
                              If folk get really insistent about going upstairs tell them that you have plumbers in and there are no floorboards down. If necessary make them pee in the garden because it is good for the plants.

                              Make a list of what you have to do. Promise yourself a treat when you finish a job and have crossed it off the list.
                              Write 'Make list' at the bottom.
                              There! You can cross one off already and go and have a cup of tea on the strength of that.

                              Ornaments, windows and mirrors.

                              If you must have any of the above, make sure that there is a barrier around them to stop anyone touching them and messing them up. Tell your own, or visiting children, that there is a resident wicked child eating troll that will eat them if they so much as breathe on them. If your child is of a sensitive nature, stand it on a sheet of polythene first so any resulting puddles can be easily dealt with. (Forward planning is everything!)

                              Completely shave all pets before they are allowed over the threshold.

                              Invite your friends to a house cleaning party. Tell all of them that you have hidden a prize under the dust, grime and general pigginess. Hand out Marigolds and watch them enjoy themselves. They will talk about it (and you!) for years!

                              Remember that your house is your home.
                              You own it it doesn't own you!
                              Don't be trying to keep it perfect because your Great Aunt Gertrude once saw a cobweb on your Mum's lampshade in 1927. She is highly unlikely to visit you now.
                              Do what makes you comfortable but don't be a martyr! What's the point of having a spotless home if getting it that way is making you too miserable to enjoy being there?

                              We're nearly at the end!
                              Delete Dooyoo from your 'favourites' and go and make a start on the ironing.

                              Bummer! Back to reality!


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                                12.11.2008 20:45
                                Very helpful



                                Simple and easy to make and use

                                I found this recipe for homemade furniture polish online, tried it, and have been using it ever since!

                                It's really easy to make and it leaves my furniture sparkling! I use it on all my wood surfaces and it brings everything up to a lovely clean shine. It smells great, and as you can add any kind of essential oil you want, the smell can be personalised to your taste. My favourite is Mango, it make the house smell really fresh. I've experimented with adding more drops of oil than the recipes states, and I found that any more than 4 - 5 makes the polish overpowering.

                                Another big thing for me, is knowing that I'm not spraying chemicals in my house. My husband has Asthma and on odd occasions, the chemical spray would aggravate his chest, but ever since I started using the homemade polish he's be fine.

                                It's also really cheap to make anything that's easy on my pocket will go down well with me!


                                Mix together;

                                ¼ cup vinegar
                                1 teaspoon olive oil
                                1 or 2 drops of any essential oil of your choice.
                                Dab a soft rag into the solution and rub your furniture to make it shine


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