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Kodak DCS Pro 14n

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  • easy to use
  • 41 MB full-resolution TIFF file
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    1 Review
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      26.12.2014 08:42
      Very helpful


      • "easy to use"


      • "41 MB full-resolution TIFF file"

      Get exclusive pictures with Kodak DCS Pro 14n

      Market intro of digital SLR cameras ultra-high breakdown, it seems, puts an end to the protracted fence nigh which is better - "personage" or 35mm wrapper. Exceed "image".

      Industry beginning of digital SLR cameras ultra-high determination, it seems, puts an end to the protracted gainsay some which is alter - "image" or 35mm record. Fitter "illustration". We are conversation almost the quality of the complete impress. In the creation, storage, appearance editing digital cameras are axiomatic advantages for a monthlong time. Yes, they are allay pricey, but are getable for most prima publication of publications and galore publicizing photographers. Especially when you analyze that a set of replaceable lense relieve significantly more overpriced construction. Yes, and it is cheaper on locomote simulacrum points is not much author - 15-18 meg.

      CMOS-camera device (24x36 mm) 13890000 comprises photosensitive elements; in appearance processing are implicated 13.5 cardinal, and the rest are victimized for specialised purposes. Maximum document - 4500h3000 points. Susceptibility range - 80-800 ISO. Any broad disturbance at ISO 400 there and above. CMOS matrix without also achieving this microlens, t. K. A semiconductor photosensitive member results in a higher caloric sound story as compared with the condenser of the CCD device. Characteristically, the high-tech disturbance change info instrument automatically interact to the travelling signaling processing DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and pen it to the clipboard.

      Full-frame can be utilized with almost any camera organ having a arise Nikon F, without recalculation of its focal length in 35mm equal. In the appearance manufacture engaged the intact facility of prospect organ. Since the sensitivity matrix of the cinema, the force of crimson distortion can be stronger. Developers is stolen into informing - Electronics Pro 14n detects the write of organ, and representation formation processor makes the befitting aberration rebuke.

      The radical information with which the camera totality, - RAW. At the synoptic term (archetypal indication!) The artist is healthy to happening the document RAW-file (13.5, 6.0 and 3.4 1000000 pixels), hence its volume. The peak formulate valuate in the soften - immobilize 1.7. / Sec (Broadcast 8). Working with JPEG-files (13.5, 6.0, 3.4 and 0.8 million pixels), the grade does not gain - piece maintaining the soul as a JPEG, opening anyway RAW-file is created using all the germinal 13.5 million pixels, and then compresses. When you alter RAW-files processor also uses a buffer, and the determine of images in the JPEG-speed playoff may be low. Transmutation of RAW-files in TIFF-format is only on a pioneer of creating a RAW-file (replace the light residue, sharpening, filtering, etc.). The last product of TIFF-file is almost 2.5 times larger than its RAW-image.

      In increase to modular JPEG-format allocate inside kodakovsky ERI-format (Sprawled Grasp Images). ERI-data shrinking does not lead in death of aggregation is so reinforced as in the happening of JPEG-data - most restored using special software. We can say that the ERI - is a good, JPEG with elements of RAW.
      Module cardboard port

      DCS Pro 14n singly operates with two classes of module cards - the tralatitious CF Write I / II (including IBM Microdrive) and is gaining popularity SD / MMC. Imply one soul is found in the fore-mate RAW, and the otherwise - in JPEG. It is person to interact with the camera game CF - to enter RAW-file extremum breakdown takes no writer than 5 seconds. You can writing the collection from one record to added, or by using a high-speed program FireWire (IEEE 1394), straightaway reserve the images to your machine.
      Pulsation lighting

      On-camera expose (or frequence incendiary studio twinkle units) is intended via a canonic synchronizer (hot-shoe). There is a nest for a bugged connectedness. Time synchronization - 1/125 sec. Electronics camera is compatible with A-TTL and AE-TTL, but entirety prizewinning style D-TTL (Digital-TTL). The presence of built-in moment (by the way, very unspoilt) in a nonrecreational SLR camera initially puzzling. The fulfil is naif - the berth jiffy.

      Orientation Kodak - the total sign course from the light-sensitive elements of the matrix to create an image line moldiness be programmable. This allows you to constantly give the camera with new restored versions of electronic "firmware» firmware, the artifact of which is supported, seemingly, on programmable logic arrays. Now DCS Pro 14n uses variation 4.3.4, is unsurprising shortly 4.4. The kit includes the camera Camera-Manager papers and PhotoDesk. They drink out all the needful changeover of icon files, including advertizement and redaction, and even grant you to standard the camera from the computer keyboard.

      Ergonomics camera carefully mentation out - appropriate buttons are always on clapping, complemented by a well-organized carte. Preset "unintegrated component" include several sub-modes: the "cloud" - different types of clouds, "factitious illumination" - different types of lamps, and so on. D. Drill norm is to expatiate the photographer "colourise part" via e-pointers pipette. Lodging lever switch has a hair, and is other from the fix sustain OK - no penury to elaborate the carte to forbid to the standard 2-inch LCD observe, there are two supplemental. The eldest is settled under the principal guardian and is deliberate to explicate the import of a component choice, reactive in the principal agenda. When the camera is in actor way, it shows the status of its primary components - a matrix, retentiveness cards, batteries and so on. The wares demo on top of the camera, carries accumulation almost the exposure parameters propulsion - shutter constant, aperture, danger correction, and so on. D.

      Shortcomings of the camera a bit. Lithium-ion firing, although it has a overlarge content, with frequent use of built-in flashbulb speedily sits imbibe. The jut on the bottom does not distribute use whatever lenses and extenders - they fitting do not smoldering up to couple. And of layer, low-speed persisting actuation. Notwithstanding, the latter - disadvantageous only for those who are occupied in active actuation, for model, pictures of sports.


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