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AVG 8.5 Identity Protection

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2009 21:13
      Very helpful


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      Thanks For Reading.

      AVG Identity Protection helps to protect you against identity theft by preventing new and unknown malware, protecting against hidden malicious code, and by keeping personal information secure. Having personally known two victims of online identity fraud, I'm always concerned about computer security, but at the same time often nervous about trying new or different protection packages. Thankfully while I do have a few complaints about the actual execution of the software, it does succeed to do what it was developed to do.

      This software package offers a one user license for a period of one year.

      Installation of AVG Identity Protection was quick and easy, presenting no compatibility problems with Windows Vista. Once installed, you can either run the program unregistered for a short period, or go ahead and register the software for twelfth month's protection. After this is completed, there is very little user input required, but thanks to the simple and streamlined interface, the program remains easy to use and configure.

      Thankfully the software is very gentle on your system resources, and runs perfectly happy in the background while hardly making a dent on your overall system performance. A welcome change from programs that hog all your resources for themselves.

      I really like the fact that the program offers instant removal of detected threats without the need for scanning. This also makes the software ideal for those users who are not let comfortable with computers, and who prefer any problems to sort themselves out. Previously I would have to leave me computer running for more than an hour while Kaspersky and Adware scans for any threats. In this respect it saves a lot of time, but personally I would still recommend doing a more detailed scan every now and again, just to be extra safe.

      AVG Identity Protection is a step up from the basic freeware AVG Antivirus program offering three new aspects, but at the same time it's no where as near as comprehensive as AVG's own Internet Security Suite. In fact the Internet Security Suite includes all features that this Identity Protection package offers, as well as a host of others.

      A possible problem is the one user licence, I hate to sound like a broken record (as I've mentioned it in other software reviews), but manufactures should take into account the fact that most households have more than one computer. You may have a work laptop, another family member may have a computer, or you may have you own home network comprising of however many computers. With this one user licence, it sadly means that you can only protect one computer, and you would have to purchase several copies for different computers. As a result I personally would have preferred to have seen a three user licence, if you don't need the extra licences you don't need to use them, but if you do they would be there to use.

      I've had no real problems with this software, and its worth while considering if you are currently only using basic protection, or don't have any method of Identity protection.

      At the end of the day, while AVG Identity Protection is a good idea, I feel that it offers only intermediate protection at best, and has to be paired up with a much more comprehensive security suite that offers total protection, AVG's latest Internet Security program is a prime example of such a suite that's well worth considering.

      (I'm a reviewer on Amazon, and some my reviews are copied from there to dooyoo. Please feel free to check out my Amazon profile under my real name of Mr Andrew M Kerr.)


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