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Why You Can Trust dooyoo

by dooyoo | 07.01.2015

We know that consumers like you are looking for reliable and useful product reviews to help you make better purchasing decisions, and that the advice in these reviews influences your product choice.

With influence comes responsibility, and we here at dooyoo are very aware of our responsibility.

The dooyooTeam ensures, through regular spot tests and checks, that our quality requirements as well as the dooyoo Site Rules are met by members posting reviews on the site.

All reviews posted on the site must be the result of extensive personal experience with the product and may not contain any plagiarised content.

Reviews on dooyoo are written by consumers, for consumers. No companies, manufacturers, or shops are allowed to review their own products or services.

Naturally reviewers on dooyoo have to own the reviewed product themselves. How we ensure the trustworthiness of dooyoo reviews

Even if you're not a dooyoo member you can report abuse to the dooyooTeam and your report will be swiftly dealt with.

It is essential to both the dooyooTeam and the dooyooCommunity, that you are able to trust the reviews you find on dooyoo. Constant checks and monitoring of the site ensures that you will receive the best consumer shopping advice on dooyoo - that's how we know that you can trust us.