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Nitya Clothing Store

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Womens and mens fashions and accessories.

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    1 Review
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      29.10.2008 11:30
      Very helpful



      If I win the lottery I will go mad in this shop!

      I first came across this store in the Cheshire Oaks retail outlet. (Near Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.)

      I am not a huge fan of shopping for clothes, in fact most of the time I have to be dragged to clothes shops by my daughter or long suffering friends.

      I wandered in to this spacious and welcoming shop and fell in love with the range they were selling. I walked around with my daughter, thoroughly enchanted.

      When I explained that I couldn't afford the fabulous clothes but just loved looking at them, the two assistants were fine with me.
      To my eyes, the price tags were very high. I don't mean that the garments were overpriced. For the cut and design and sheer elegance I would not expect to pay less. It's just that I could not afford them, sadly.

      My daughter was very impressed too, not least by the fact that I actually enjoyed being in a clothes shop.

      A month or so later and we were bound for Cheshire Oaks again. The pair of us were off to do a bit of early Christmas shopping. (Or so I thought!) Before we set out I asked my daughter if she would mind us visiting Nitya again. She gave a great big grin and told me that she had hoped I wanted to go there because she and her Fiance had decided that they were going to buy me an outfit for their wedding in December! I was so moved that I was fighting back tears. What incredible generosity!

      After a bit of arguing and back and to-ing about whether they could afford it, I gave in gracefully and off we went to Nitya. (With the proviso that it was to be my Christmas present and if she bought me anything else for Christmas she would be in big trouble!)

      The clothes were just as stunning as I remembered.

      Long tops, colour co-ordinated throughout, superb classic designs, wonderful rich fabrics. Just beautiful!
      To top it all, the shop assistants actually assisted. They didn't look at me as though I should be forcibly removed from the shop with the aid of a long pair of tongs! They listened to my needs and came up with different suggestions. They told me if something looked good on me and more importantly, told me if something didn't look so good on me.

      The clothes, presumably because they are of Parisian design, are small sized. By this I mean that they are not generously cut. Once I had worked that out I was provided with a host of outfits to try.

      The garments were well made, well cut and finished to the highest standard of workmanship. The very best quality and diversity of materials had been used in the design and assembly. The tops I tried on appeared to have been hand finished and I assume that is true of most of the range.

      The changing rooms were spacious, smelled lovely and had enough hooks and ledges to make life easy whilst I tried various combinations (of clothes, not Long Johns!) and layers on.

      I was demurring about the price and the assistant said that we would get a reasonable discount for an outfit.

      In the end I chose a long black overtunic with beautiful but understated embroidery detail. The part of the outfit that pleased me most was, funnily enough, a scarf.

      Now the scarves in Nitya have to be seen to be believed. They range from small delicate litttle bits of nothing to huge intricately fashioned and detailed wraps.
      I chose a large black wool scarf of the finest wool I had ever felt. It was covered with circles and panels of white silk. I just couldn't believe how beautiful it was and how special I felt wearing it. This was a completely novel experience for me. Being brought up in a male household, I am a very late developer in terms of appreciating fashion and feeling confident in my choices.

      My daughter paid for the top and scarf, as I stood by wincing at the final total. She was given a 10% discount. (Which was a relief to me). I decided to buy a pair of trousers and camisole top elsewhere as the ones in store were either too expensive or didn't fit me.

      The assistant offered to order the right sizes in for me and I might go back if I can't find what I want in other shops.

      They seem to stock from size 8 to 22.

      Their fashion emphasis is on a layered co-ordinated look. The colour mixes are subtle but stunning when worn together. Because of the long and flowing lines the styles are very forgiving of a fuller figure like mine.

      It is worth going into the store just for ideas even if, like me, you couldn't afford to shop there regularly.

      They have various different monthly promotions. At the moment if you buy one item you get a 70% discount off the second one. (I wish that had been current when my daughter was splashing out on me!)

      At the moment there are over 30 items on Ebay of Nitya clothing
      so it is possible to own a dream outfit for under half the price if you are a lucky bidder. ( I have put it on search, I love their stuff so much!)

      Nitya is a French Company with stores worldwide.

      Their website is below if you would like to see more of their designs.


      I hope I have been able to convey some of the quality and sheer delight of this fashion house.

      Please go and feast your eyes on pure luxury and style.


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